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Author: admin, 27.03.2013
Several reports out late last year eluded that the daily habit of swallowing vitamins and similar supplements is nothing more than money down the drain.
In October 2010, the Iowa Women’s Health study came to a conclusion after nearly 30 years – certain vitamin and mineral supplements increase risk of death in women.  Healthy women who took daily doses of vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and multivitamins experienced no benefits or a slightly higher risk of death than women who did not supplement, with the exception of calcium, which showed a reduced risk of death. Researchers say vitamin and mineral supplements are not necessary for otherwise healthy people, but individuals with nutrient deficiencies, pregnant women and individuals who consume a very unbalanced diet (those who eliminate whole food groups from their diet), may see some benefits.
The over consumption of vitamin and mineral supplements is linked to the belief that health can be found in a pill. While that is an undeniable truth, and any nutrition expert and health advocate would agree, it is not likely that everyone will comply.
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The real issue is not the supplementation of valuable nutrients, but improper doses and inconsistencies in manufacturing.

The supplement industry is highly unregulated – the bodies that govern safety are companies that stand to profit from having their seal of approval on the label of these supplements.  And regardless of a “seal of approval,” any supplement can hit store shelves. Tworek) seeks to empower women to discover the best version of themselves through the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and fabulous fitness wear. The advice and recommendations on this blog are solely the opinion of the author are not intended to treat, diagnose or remedy any conditions. These are the people who need the nutrient supplementation, but are not likely to supplement. Dani holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Dani holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Please speak with your doctor regarding any changes to your diet or exercise plan or before trying new supplements, medications or certain products.
Tell people it does whatever and it won’t be questioned and it will sell,” says a local nutrition professor in Austin, Texas.

It is important that the vitamin you choose have enough of the nutrients you seek to make a difference.
There is no evidence that vitamins sourced from whole foods and then bottled are any better absorbed than other vitamins.
Multivitamins that claim to deliver more energy often include caffeine, which could be dangerous for some individuals and could inhibit the absorption of other vital nutrients. She has more than ten years of experience helping individuals reach their wellness goals not only as a writer, but also as a counselor and trainer, including time spent at Jenny Craig, USAA Corporate Wellness, Equinox Fitness Clubs and BodyLogicMD.
She also currently works with a local non-profit in Boca Raton to bring nutrition education to underprivileged children and their families. Dani hopes to continue to use her expertise in wellness and talent as a writer to help others achieve their goals for a healthier lifestyle and fight the growing obesity epidemic at all levels.

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