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Author: admin, 08.09.2013
I wanted to know (not just extrapolate or philosophize but really know) if I could build muscle on a totally raw plant-based diet of whole fresh produce and zero supplements, pills, powders or gimmicks. I can only imagine how much toxic waste is stored up in the tissues when a person eats a diet of animal products as well.

Of COURSE they can get "bigger" but pound for pound, the best health, muscle and performance, in my experience and training athletes for decades is that a pure raw vegan diet without any supplements (they just toxify your tissues and retard the creation of pure muscle mass) is by far the best way towards your best body. For the last ten years I have exercised less than one hour per week and have eaten a 100% raw, plant-based diet of fresh, whole, raw fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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