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Papular urticaria is common during the summer months particularly in places where there are a lot of insects.
Papular urticaria is not a contagious disease although the eruption is distressing as it is often itchy and may leave persistent scars especially if the papules are scratched deeply. The lesions in papular urticaria appear like crops of bug bites although the eruption is more likely to originate from a single bug bite only. The lesion of papular urticaria is approximately 0.2 to 2 cm in diameter and is often reddish in color. Papular urticaria is thought to be an allergic reaction from the environment and from insect bites. The initial bites of the insects are long gone before the onset of papular urticaria is recognized and this makes it rather difficult for doctors to diagnose and isolate papular urticaria from other skin conditions with similar presentation.
The onset of papular urticaria is believed to be as hypersensitivity reaction of the body from insect bites.

Insects from cats and dogs and other domesticated animals are the most implicated in papular urticaria.
The primary aim for treatment of papular urticaria is the relief of itchiness to prevent incessant scratching that might cause infection.
Oral antihistamine is found to be more beneficial in reducing the symptom of itchiness and in reducing the development of the lesions as well. The population of the insects often increases during the summer time that papular urticaria is common. Most cases of papular urticaria are from insect bites although not all papular urticaria originated from insect bites.
One similar disorder is prurigo simplex or chronic papular urticaria which has an unknown cause and is considered as another form of atopic dermatitis.
Various insects are being linked to papular urticaria although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact culprit as the bite is usually gone before papular urticaria is identified.

This skin condition is not a true urticaria as papular urticaria often persists for several days to several weeks unlike the true urticaria which only lasts for several hours.
Children also have weaker resistance compared to adults that papular urticaria is highly possible. There are cases of papular urticaria in the absence of pets and the source of the lesion is rather difficult to identify. Papular urticaria may also occur in adults but because adults have more tolerance, the incidence of papular urticaria is rather seldom.
This insect is particularly implicated in papular urticaria evident in the cases of papular urticaria among farmers, packer, bakers and indoor workers.

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