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Author: admin, 11.12.2013
Over the years I have tried and tested hundreds upon hundreds of different training methods, ranging from tough military training workouts right through to simple team games, all in the hope of someday being able to produce the perfect session. Equipment: optional training equipment, pot of coins for each team and an empty tub for each team. This is a military training workout that I invented when I was in the British Royal Marines, Now I know it doesn’t look very military but I am leaving out one vital component. This boot camp game also works well as a partner workout as players usually scramble about to collect the points much quicker, making for a slightly different paces game.
If you fancy turning this in to a military training workout then just add the crawling element, I’m sure you campers will love you for it. A diverse range of training methods and strategies need to be deployed in order to keep things fresh and new, although the Ultimate Workout Creation Tool provides and endless combination highly creative workout programs, the missing link in the equation will always be you.
You may not be delivering the best bootcamp workouts in the world but that won’t matter one bit if you focus a large amount of your time and energy on building a loyal tribe.
I must have spent literally thousands of hours trawling the internet searching for boot camp exercises to use in my classes.
I have a long list of boot camp exercises that are ready to be deployed at a moments notices, these are all body weight exercises, having them to hand ensures a constant variety during classes without the need for heavy equipment.
After each boot camp  exercise, players must sprint 50 paces in any direction, then back to choose a different partner.
There are a couple things to keep in mind when training teenagers so that you can get the most out of them. The big difference between training adults and adolescents or children is their competitive nature.

As a result of that, I would avoid giving them much more long distance running during training. What you should focus on with them instead is acceleration, direction changes and explosive power. I have no idea if this is still what the top coaches use, but it does make sense in terms of letting players recover from injuries from the season before building up to the hardest work.
If you were to start now (September), I would break the plan down into several 4 week training blocks. Now that you have an overview of your training schedule, it’s time to plan out each block.
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Unique exercises, workouts and drills for using car tyres and battling ropes to help your bootcamp stand out from the rest.
A difficult part of running bootcamps (with limited equipment and multiple clients per trainer) is coming up with workouts that build strength, and in particular, having exercises that are high enough resistance to build strength. There are definite advantages to high rep training, such as building muscular endurance, but doing it every session can actually hinder the results that our clients are after – namely fat loss. If any of you have listened to a talk from Garry Robinson, he often makes a great point about your body resembling your training style.
Not only does strength training help our clients to get that toned look that many of them are after, but it also has many other benefits including improved bone density, reduced risk of injury and therefore a better quality of life.
On top of these bodyweight examples given, the easiest way to build strength at your bootcamps is simply through increasing the resistance, like using heavier weights (if you use weights that is).

Here is another great video which shows 60 boot camp exercises designed for a great  partner workout.
I am starting to plan training for my U17 football team for 2012 (need to start early – these guys are keen). I have about 4 bootcampers who get really motivated with some good competition, the rest just do it because I tell them to.
Change the test at each block of training, preferably choose something that corresponds to that block of trainings goals. While most of our prospective (and current) clients could definitely do with more training, this doesn’t necessarily mean more reps and sets. In the long term building muscle is the most effective way to lose fat, so we want to develop muscle in our body instead of burn it – and we do that through strength training! I know it’s seriously old school but when you stop to think, these guy’s are all training towards one common goal, the better they learn to work together the greater their odds on succeeding!!
A 50m dash for sprint training, an agility run for agility work or a 1 minute pushup test for work capacity are a few examples.
If your clients want a toned, lean figure you need to mix that endurance style of training with strength training and interval cardio training (HIIT).

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