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Author: admin, 04.09.2014
The biggest fitness craze taking the world by storm at the moment is the Fitness boot camp or fitness camp. The number of fitness boot camps is expanding rapidly, and their popularity is only set to grow in 2014. Warmest wishes Louise x Louise Thomas is Co- Founder of the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday bootcamp in Thailand. These fitness holidays are usually run out side of the gym and in the open air where you get to breath  fresh oxygen and not the air con machine and feel the sun shine on your skin, activating your immune system. Research in recent years has highlighted the effectiveness for weight loss and fitness of undertaking HIIT compared to traditional low intensity aerobic exercise.

Some are held in the beautiful mountains of Thailand, beeches of Australia or freezing glens of Scotland.
It is a no brainer, but the benefits of these fitness boot camps can extend well beyond the aesthetics and potential to save a bit of money in the quest for fitness. Their bootcamp is located in the quaint rural village of Mae Ann, Chiang Mai which is in Northern Thailand. The major benefit of fitness boot camps is that customers are in an environment where everyone has the same goal.
With exposure to their training plans and schedules in fitness magazines and the like, this method of exercise with become more common in the forthcoming year.

With exercise schedules built into daily plans and the meals generally being controlled, those who attend regularly lose significant amounts of unwanted weight and improve their fitness significantly.

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