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Kentucky Fried Chicken actually offers a non-fried chicken breast without skin and with a side salad that contains just four net carbohydrates.
Chick-fil-A, like KFC, is known for its fried food, but this establishment also offers a great low carb meal in its Chargrilled Chicken Club Protein Style, which contains five net carbs. Most Arby’s meat sandwiches include roast cold cuts, which are great for the low carb dieter. Long John Silver, specializing in fried fish, actually offers a Grilled Salmon and Veggie Medley, which contains just 200 calories and five net carbs.
Subway has some great low carb choices on their menu, most notably the “6 Grams of Fat or Less” salads, which are essentially sandwiches without the bread. Burger King has a number of menu items that can be modified to meet the needs of low carb eaters. If you must stop for fast food, the seven restaurants above offer some of the best low carb options for people on low carb diets.

Use our low carb dining out plan to build a solid strategy for eating low carb away from home in any restaurant. The 'build your own" option allows you to get all the vegetables and meat you like minus the carbs.
It feels like you’re only allowed to eat the foods you meticulously picked out during your trip to the grocery store. This restaurant also has a roast chicken salad – order without croutons – as well as wings and green beans that are low carb. You can turn many of Chick-Fil-A’s menu items into low carb options by ordering grilled sandwiches without the bread and by taking breakfast sandwiches without the biscuit.
If you cannot find one of the above restaurants when you need it, remember that you can modify menu items at other restaurants to make them low carb. To truly make it low-carb you need to ask for the bowl without the rice, however with flavorsome sauces and salsas you don't even miss it.

You can make most of the other burgers low carb by ordering them without the bun, or you can order a chicken salad without croutons. I try to keep carbohydrates to an occasional treat, however sometimes you just can't avoid fast food.
So for all my carb-conscious friends out there, here are my favourite low-carb fast food options. These days you can find plenty of low carb fast food options, which will keep you fuller longer without the empty calories of simple carbs.

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