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Author: admin, 26.10.2013
By making these food choices the body is missing out on many macro and micro nutrients that it is craving badly.
If only it was known that starving yourself is quite possibly one of the worst things to do for overall health and most importantly body shape and body fat percentage. People who often starve themselves as a means to lose weight are messing around their ghrelin levels and essentially will always be hungry.
Renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin suggests that we often put the weight back on plus an additional 8%. Not only is the weight rebound a problem but tying in with eating junk food- by starving yourself you are missing out on many nutrients both micro and macro that will assist you in weight loss, body composition and overall health. We all know how bad processed, fatty and sugary foods are for us yet we still go back time and time again.

Final message, eating a healthy and balanced diet while undertaking an effective exercise program is THE BEST way to obtain weight loss. If you think this article will help people you know then hit a share button below, if the post gets more than 20 social media shares I will release an example day for healthy eating for weight loss! You didn’t even mention calories in vs calories out which is far more important for the average person wanting to lose weight than eating some healthy greens and going organic. Although one bad meal may not make a huge difference to body composition among an otherwise healthy diet, eating poor quality nutrition is a much worse option if you are looking to obtain weight loss, a healthy body both internally and externally and optimum movement. Choosing foods that are low in nutrients, high in bad fats, are highly processed or jam packed full of nasty sugars is always a poor choice in comparison to fresh foods.
Starving yourself to lose weight is just as bad as the other two forms of malnutrition and will wreak havoc on the levels of the hormone ghrelin.

Starving yourself is not the answer, it will only result in more health and weight loss problems as well as leave very negative and unhealthy ideas about body shape and image.
These results will include weight loss, health and well being and the development of lean muscle tissue. Dieting for a particular event by cutting out a food group, or starving yourself is setting yourself up for a massive road block. But just after that road block is a slippery slide back to the weight you were before and most likely a little bit extra.

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