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Author: admin, 10.05.2013
Spelt Chocolate chips cookies are my newly found tasty treats, which both I and my daughter love to munch at any time of the day. I don’t have a great liking to chocolate, but my daughter is really the opposite, and is really a chocolate person. I am also not a fan of store-bought chocolate chips cookie, always I found that they are not up to my taste.
I was reading about the goodness of spelt flour for a long time, and finally on my last Whole Food store visit I bought the spelt flour.
Your cookies are so perfect, and yummy with the healthy spelt flour…you, and Angie with the favorite SPELT recipes. Spelt makes great flour for chocolate chip cookies, I have adjusted a recipe from Nature’s Legacy blog.
I have tried many whole grain cookie recipes in the past year but I believe that these have been the best I have made yet.

Most people I share these cookies with have no idea that I didn’t use all-purpose flour to make them. I used chia and banana instead of egg (1 tbsp ground chia seeds, 2tbsp water, 1 mashed banana), cacao nibs instead of choc chips, coconut sugar instead of brown sugar, the whole freshly ground spelt, whole vanilla bean and added some macadamia nuts for some added crunch :). In order to woo her to do her potty we have to offer her a chocolate which is Dove’s milk chocolate. I just love to make and share whole grain chocolate chip cookies with others, if I don’t share them I always eat to many of them because they are so good. I normally use the Nature’s Legacy recipe, but their blog was down tonight when I needed it. I made them exactly as the recipe specified, and they are literally the best cookies I have ever eaten. It is so hard to find recipes like this where only the regular flour is substituted for Spelt.

Drop about 1 tablespoons of dough or use a medium cookie scoop and plop the batter onto a baking sheet.
I also think chocolate chip cookies taste great with fresh ground spelt flour and doesn’t need to be white spelt flour.
Add all remaining ingredients except the chocolate chips and mix till it is a smooth cookie dough. I have actually been meaning to update this recipe to refrigerate the cookie dough for 30 minutes (or more) for better results, I will now do that today.

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