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Author: admin, 07.01.2014
Vitamin K is a group of fat soluble vitamins that are primarily responsible for blood coagulation and metabolism in bone and other tissues.
Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone), found in high amounts in green leafy vegetables, is a major player in blood coagulation.
Look at these actions of vitamin K in context with several big health ailments present in today’s society.
Considered to be the more important version of vitamin K, K2 and it’s main subtypes are found in several foods with the highest concentrations typically found in animal foods.
Recently vitamin K has also been lauded for its potential role in the increase of bone mass. Research into the antioxidant properties of vitamin K indicates that the concentration of vitamin K is lower in the circulation of carriers of the APOE4 gene and recent studies have shown its ability to inhibit cell death due to oxidation in nerve cells. Vitamin K deficiency symptoms: Although the deficiency of vitamin K is rare, the deficiency of vitamin K causes bleeding at head, in digestion system, urinary system, lungs and on skin.

If you live in California you can get it pretty easy, just make sure it is from a quality source. This is not something that you need to rush out and take a supplement for just yet but keep K2 in mind and keep foods rich in vitamin K (particularly K2) in your nutritional rotation. It’s really neat to see more and more people becoming aware of K and all the fat soluble vitamins and the big role they all play in health. Studies have proved that supplemental vitamin K promotes osteotrophic processes and slows osteoclastic processes via calcium bonding. Vitamin K sources: In the green parts of vegetables, spinach, squash, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels cabbage, lettuce, green tomato, beans, yogurt, egg yolk, potato and in green pepper, there is great amount of this vitamin.
The reinforcement of vitamin K is only used to the patients having hemorrhage to dispel the deficiency of vitamin K. If we are majorly deficient in Vitamin K2 it might be playing a powerful role in the progression of these conditions.

The human body makes MK4 from Vitamin K1 and bacteria in the intestines make MK7 if populated by good bacteria. As a group, Vitamin K is now considered one of the most important (and often severely depeleted) nutrients in the human body.
I have always known about vitamin K but didn’t know about the various forms of it or the powerful role they played in health. Soy natto is also a highly concentrated source of MK-7, look for non GMO soy that has been fermented traditionally.

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