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Author: admin, 03.04.2015
But here’s something that you can do – choose a healthy, diet snack that can make you feel full and energized.
Snacking has got a bad rap, because of our tendency to select empty-calorie snack foods like candy or chips to help ease between-meal cravings. Try adding some honey or agave syrup.Apple Slices with Lowfat CheeseFull of fiber, water, and antioxidants, vegetables and fruit are great choices for diet-friendly snacking.

A Fruit SaladFruit salad is really a classic, and it’s an excellent option for those who play the role of creative in the kitchen. Sugar-free pudding is actually low in calories, so it’s an excellent snack option for those who are searching for something sweet, diet-friendly and delicious!Tomato Soup with Baby CarrotsA mini-meal snack is a great idea when dinner is really a long way off. This is amazing, since make it as sweet as you would like and keep your snack healthy and attractive.

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