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Author: admin, 25.04.2015
I’ve chosen 10 of my favorite green smoothie recipes from the news feed to be a part of a competition. I and my one year old are enjoying our beet leafs, spinach, kale, strawberry and fresh squeezed orange juice smoothy right now. Todays green smoothie: spinach and collards from the garden, banana, cherries and blueberries, and lots of hemp! I want to explore adding a lot more “green” to my smoothies, gotta work on that!

We freeze our left over smoothies (on rare days that we have any) in popsicle forms too – kids are gobbling them up! You can also access the highly rated Green Smoothie Recipe App from your computer any time by visiting the Green Smoothie Recipes Web App or visit the iPhone App Store or Android Market to purchase the Green Smoothies iPhone App.
Everyone in the group has been asked to vote for the best recipe, and the winner, announced on May 10th, will receive a copy of Green for Life. He loves smoothies so much, that he plays with an old blender of ours without the blades by putting his toys in there and mixes them up.

I’ve been planning to introduce my 3 year old granddaughter to green smoothies and she loves popsicles.
Its been wonderful to see how the group has naturally evolved into a hub of recipe sharing and green smoothie support.

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