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Author: admin, 17.04.2014
Traditional dishes like Puliyodhara are simple Indian recipes that are straightforward and relished by one and all. Add three fourth of the cooked tamarind mixtureto the rice and combine well such that its mixed well with the rice. I’m a huge fan of your recipes and admire your blog and the presentation of its contents. Wonderfully done,who can resist to tangy and irresistible tamarind rice,my all time favourite.

Once cool, sprinkle salt to taste, a tbsp of oil and few fresh curry leaves over the cooled rice and keep aside.
It is this magic concoction along with a blend of tempered spices, tamarind paste, jaggery and roasted peanuts that gives this Tamil style tamarind rice its distinct taste.
This traditional temple style tamarind rice is also popular in parts of Andhra especially in the Tirupathi, Chitoor and Cuddapah regions. Taste the rice at this stage and if you feel that the rice needs to be more tangy, add the remaining one fourth tamarind mixture and mix well.

These days readymade tamarind paste is available which is being commonly used so please can you indicate the equivalent tsp or tbsp or the tamarind paste quantity in your recipes.

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