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Another well known use of piezoelectricity is found in lighters using piezoelectric ignition: There, sudden mechanical pressure onto a synthetic quartz crystal block (containing high amounts of exactly aligned synthetic lattice crystal cells) leads to the generation of high voltage. Further analyses were carried out for complementary medical parameters included in the GDV software package. I am sickened when I am told how people play tricks with the fears and hopes of seriously ill individuals.
This measurement is just impossible under the influence of an electrically radiating wall, or an electrostatically loaded curtain.

In hospitals, observant physicians and nurses sometimes know from experience that there appear to be locations of sickbeds where, remarkably, many patients have a delayed recovery, or in especially blatant cases they may not recover at all. The number of staff on sick leave will probably decrease in the long run, when all employees work at geopathically (and otherwise also) more balanced work places.
The major confounding factor -- that of moist skin in sick, worried subjects, and dry skin in relaxed, healthy subjects -- is not eliminated.
For further calculations and analyses, the GDV Meridian Analysis and the GDV Diagram software (both with version no.

The accordant calculations and projections were done interactively using specific software for analysis, based on the energy-emission-analysis according to Mandel (47-48), the Su-Jok-System of acupuncture (49) and clinical data of thousands of test persons from the St.

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