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Author: admin, 07.01.2015
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Haagen-Daz's Sea Salt Caramel Gelato is definitely for the caramel lovers as it consists of caramel gelato with sea salt caramel ribbons.
The sea salt caramel ribbons are more like small liquid nodules that I occasionally came across while sampling the gelato. Overall, Haagen-Daz's Sea Salt Caramel Gelato delivers on what you'd expect from a quality caramel gelato.
Only after a few moments, when the initial barrage of taste sensations die down, do you finally get to taste the long, mellow finish of the caramel – punctuated here and there a few parting sallies from the salt. That equation adds up here too, where the salt content has be ramped way up and melted into the candy itself. Final Synopsis: A tasty bar without much bacon, but more than enough caramel, salt and dark chocolate. However, the real hero here isn’t the dark chocolate or the graham cracker, but the judicious use of sea salt.
Eating one of these is a little like wearing black-and-white checkerboard shorts with a plaid shirt.

A little salt goes a long way, regardless of what you’re cooking, and doubly so when it comes to candy. The result of all this is that for a moment, you might actually believe you’re biting in a slice of meat pie, or some other savory, salty, meaty treat. Rather than dusting the bar with salt, like they’ve done with their recent dark chocolate and sea salt offerings, the salt seems to be mixed into the ganache itself. In fact, there’s so much salt in the filling that it tastes more salty than sweet, at least at first blush. These were a very similar snack using toasted quinoa for the body and milk chocolate for the thick shell, but made the same use of a light dusting of sea salt. This makes the candy bar decadent, but what really sets it apart are two things – the heavy touch of smoked salt, and the crunchy bits of bacon peppered throughout.
The semi-sweetness of the chocolate mingles delightfully with the high, salty notes and transforms the dark chocolate’s bitterness into complex, tongue-teasing treat. However, anyone who’s ever had a bowl of salted, fresh soybeans at a bar or as finger food, served still in the their little green pods,  knows that they also have a very mild taste with an addicting crunchiness.
If you can’t find Hawaiian sea salt, you can use regular sea salt or even a coarse salt will work.

The result is a tongue-top riot of deep bitter chocolate, super sweet caramel, and savory, tasty saltiness.
Like we saw with Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt grahams, and their Milk Chocolate Jumbles, a little sea salt and chocolate is a winning combination. Whatever savory or salty taste the bacon still has is overpowered by the intense dark chocolate and the saltier ganache. To enjoy the experience of eating one of these you really need to be thinking about it – thinking about the clash of spicy, sharp ginger with its own crystallized ginger exterior, while simultaneously appreciating that whole clash as it clashes with the bittersweet dark chocolate its enrobed in. This semi-bitter dark chocolate collides with the intense salt, and immediately starts a violent war over your tastebuds. It sort of makes me want to pick up another of Trader Joe’s great Fireworks Chocolate Bar and some of their Cypriot pyramid-shaped flake salt and just go nuts.
While I applaud the gorgeous color effect it has (and really, the presentation of the whole box couldn’t be classier), this is way too much salt.

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