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Author: admin, 02.05.2015
For the cartoon lovers out there, you may never have thought that catching up on your comics could actually help promote the consumption of fruit and other healthy edibles in young people. Findings showed that close to 61 percent of children who picked up the cartoon were more likely to pick a healthy snack. Scientists have spotted a few ancient clusters hidden behind younger stars and are understanding the beginnings of our galaxy.
Individuals with a mental illness are 16 times more likely to get killed during police encounters than other civilians without mental health issues, according to a new report from the Virginia-based Treatment Advocacy Center.

A team of scientists have created a new method to purify contaminated water, it is as simple as shaking a vial of water and oil, which cleans out the nanomaterials from contaminated water. The graphics and minimal text make it a promising format to engage younger populations," lead author May May Leung, PhD, RD, City University of New York School of Public Health and Hunter College said, via a press release. However only 35 percent of the children who read the newsletter opted for a healthy choice. Scientists have taken a closer look at these animals and have found that the development of these fins relied on repurposed genes.

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