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Hot and Sour Soup – Indian Chinese Version Hot and Sour Soup is a popular Chinese soup loaded with veggies and usually chicken. Sweet Corn Soup – Indian Chinese Version A nice hot bowl of Sweet Corn Soup is creamy goodness without the cream. Other Interesting Indian Fusion Thai Tom Kha Soup recipe Thai Sticky Rice with Mango recipe Thai Larb Spicy Chicken Salad (Laab Gai) recipe Thai Green Papaya Salad recipe Spicy Thai Basil - Thai Cuisine recipe Thai Red Curry - Thai Cuisine recipe Thai Red Curry Paste recipe Zapiekanka - Polish Baked Baguette recipe Pan Pizza (Deep Dish) Crust recipe Black Bean Burger recipe Vegetarian Chili, A Super Bowl Delight! In the indian version of Chinese noodles, Ajino-Motto (Or MSG)powder is used which is not available in US.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the package on hand but we buy the noodles from our local Asian market.

I was a hater of chinese noodles because whenever i tried cooking it, the result was disastrous (always soggy) until i stumbled upon this recipe. I was waiting for a chinese noodles recipe and when it’s here, I am unable to view it. You can use Rice vinegar but you might have to a add a little more than you would white Vinegar.
I have tried stir fried noodles before but could never get the actual taste… This is amazing! Thanks a ton for this, you guys are amazing, those little tips and tricks you give in every recipe are super helpful.

I AM 14 YEARS OLD AND I HAVE DONE LOTS OF Competitions AND I LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE :):)!!!! In her blog, Cooking with Sapana, you will find vegetarian Indian and International recipes.

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