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This looks great, Nikki, and the baby shower pics are phenomenal; thanks for doing this website.
Half of the mayonnaise is replaced by plain Greek yogurt in this salad recipe to create a creamy and tangy sauce for the chicken and grapes. In a large bowl, place the mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard, lemon juice, curry powder, sugar, a few pinches of salt and a few grinds of freshly pepper.
Whisk to combine, and then add the almonds, chicken, grapes and celery, and gently toss to coat.
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The first one that I am sharing consists of cooked diced chicken, celery, grapes and apples, bound together by curry spiced mayonnaise. Salu-salo is a Filipino word that means getting together with friends and family for a dinner or feast. I first learned about this chicken salad two years ago, when a former co-worker brought it to work one day and kindly shared it with me.
I am not a cook by profession, but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking for my family.
I was totally hooked and after getting the recipe, I made it at home so my family could try it.

For some reason, I completely stopped making it and it was only last week when my son reminded me again of this delicious salad. I got the chance to make it over the weekend and my husband, my oldest son and I enjoyed it for lunch at our work the next day.

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