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We are also living in an age where people are dying every day from diseases that could be mitigated or prevented with dietary changes. As people committed to health, our passion for a particular way of eating can overwhelm our curiosity and close our minds to other possibilities.One of the biggest current debates about food is about the healthfulness of the Paleo Diet in comparison to the raw, vegan diet that we promote here at MHLC.
While we obviously choose to eat a living foods diet because it works for us, we strive to offer unbiased information. Living foods help our bodies be more energized and supposedly can slow the aging process. Dangers of the Paleo Diet Many people have reported losing excess weight, experiencing improved energy levels, and healing chronic health conditions by following a Paleo diet.
And if the diet is entirely cooked food, Paleos miss out on the essential nutrients that only raw vegetables provide.Challenges of the Raw Vegan DietEven though many people have healed digestive disorders, lost weight, and even reversed diabetes by following a raw vegan lifestyle, it still comes with its own challenges.

And it requires creativity to ensure that you get a wide array of nutrients.It is also challenging to get sufficient complete protein on a raw vegan diet. Many plants contain protein, of course, but to get all the essential amino acids and enough protein for optimal health and weight loss, many raw vegans take a plant-based protein supplement.Where the Paleo and Raw Vegan Diet Meet Even with their vast differences, the Paleo and raw vegan diet actually have a lot in common. If you are eating only processed raw treats that are high in sugar and fat and not getting enough vegetables, than a living foods diet is only marginally better than a conventional diet.
Or it can be one of the healthiest choices possible if your meals are based around fresh leafy greens.The Paleo diet can be toxic and even contribute to cancer if you are eating large amounts of animal products, especially fried meats.
And Paleo can be a very healthy choice if you are eating mostly vegetables and nuts, with organic, free-range meats only on rare occasions.

It is also possible to be both Paleo and raw vegan if you are dedicated to a completely wholesome, plant-based, unprocessed, and unrefined eating lifestyle.We are passionate about our food, even evangelical at times. The Paleo diet and raw vegan lifestyle are very different in some essential ways, but they can both contribute to health or detract from it, depending on the choices of the individual.

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