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Author: admin, 03.03.2014
Every Dale Health weight loss program is individually designed to maximise the ability of our patients to lose weight and keep it off.
It's not simply a diet to be followed for a designated period of time, only to be filed away once excess weight has been lost.
All patients are seen weekly during the active weight loss phase of the program, before gradually transitioning to monthly sessions during the weight maintenance phase.
Our weight loss programs offer new ways of thinking and feeling, new ways of being, that support the thinner, healthier person our patients become. By addressing the root cause of weight problems, we give our patients the skills they require to take control and live their lives to their fullest potential. Understanding the causes of this imbalance is critical to the long-term success of our programs.
It is also important for us to understand any pre-existing medical conditions that our patients may have such that the safety of our programs, and ultimately the chances of success, can be maximised. The problem is that most of these programs offer an "off the shelf" approach to weight loss that is designed to work for as wide a range of people as possible. That's why all of our patients are fully assessed before commencing our weight loss program.

And of course our assessment also identifies any medical issues that may require management during the program, making our weight loss programs not only effective, but medically safe. Regular in-person, one-on-one consultations with our core treatment team are a feature of our weight loss programs, helping to ensure that our programs are focussed on each individual patient's requirements and progress. The best way to see if a Dale Health personalised weight loss program is the right approach is to attend one of our regular, completely free, no-obligation weight loss information sessions.
Our nutrition programs involve the use of full or partial medical meal replacements, a gradual transition back to store-bought foods, and education which empowers the making of healthy food choices into the future.
Medical Meal replacement programs are comprehensive, medically monitored weight loss programs designed to assist our patients to lose weight quickly and safely. Constant monitoring ensures that our exercise programs always operate at maximum safety and optimum efficiency in relation to weight loss potential.
This reflects the Dale Health belief that successful weight management requires a comprehensive, psychological and medically based approach. This means that whilst they might be able to lose some weight, invariably, they are unable to lose all the weight they require, or are unable to prevent weight regain after they have reached their goals. The key to weight loss success is being able to make significant and sustained behavioural change.

At Dale Health therefore, we offer comprehensive weight loss programs that emphasises the medical and psychological aspects of weight management, in addition to the exercise and nutrition components as standard. The length of programs depends upon individual patient needs and can range from 12 weeks to upwards of 60 weeks.
A key difference between Dale Health weight loss programs and many other weight loss programs is that we place an emphasis on sustaining initial weight loss over the longer term. We help our patients to develop effective weight management strategies that eventually become a natural part of their lifestyle.
A complete medical and psychological assessment enables us to understand the root cause of our patients' weight problems and to design a totally personalised weight loss program very specific to each patient. In such cases, it could well be that a highly personalised weight loss program is the answer. This means that all exercise programs designed for our patients are totally safe and carefully matched to each patient's physical capabilities.

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