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Author: admin, 22.11.2015
A diet pill, slimming tablet or weight loss supplement can offer a dieter a quick weight solution – but be mindful that all that glitters is not gold. There are two types of diet pill that a dieter can use, a prescription only diet pill that is only available by GP consultation and an over the counter product. Prescription diet pills are chemical based (drugs for want of a better description) and users can experience both rapid weight loss and the potential for one or two side effects.

Over the counter diet pills (or non prescription) do not have any restrictions on purchasing and are usually herbal based.
The over the counter diet pill industry is worth millions to the respective companies involved – sometimes the marketing material is slightly elaborated as to the expected weight loss result you can achieve.
The reality is though that most diet pills used the same ingredients, it is just the branding that is different.

With this in mind – here is a list of the 4 most effective diet pills from both the prescription and non prescription markets.

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