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Author: admin, 29.03.2015
A diabetic diet is a low-carb diet, so a diabetic carbohydrate chart will obviously contain low carb foods only. The percentage of carbohydrates present in each food item is taken into consideration while planning a diet. Highly processed food contains refined carbs that are low in the natural nutrients like fibers, vitamins and minerals.
Consumption of simple carbs or high carb foods may lead to severe fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

A diet that does not contain carbohydrate can cause muscle breakdown, ketosis and dehydration. You may consult your physician and undergo certain tests before determining the daily carbohydrate intake for you. But the fact is that we need carbohydrates for proper functioning of the body and for acquiring energy needed for every physical activity. The carbohydrate chart presented below describes the amount of carbohydrates present in different food items.

Carbohydrates that are in their natural state (in fruits and vegetables) are called unrefined carbohydrates.

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