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More specifically, the Paleo Diet and Primal Blueprint both suggest, limit carb intake (especially grains), eat more protein and include lots of veggies as a base. As many critics of the Paleo Diet have pointed out, early humans left virtually nothing of the animal carcasses they were so fortunate to bag. Finally and most importantly, the Primal Blueprint works as a broad, holistic approach to living and not simply a list for eating. This entry was posted in Nutrition, Primal Diet and tagged Anthony Rogan, Nutrition, Primal Diet on February 26, 2014 by admin.
You read day in day out about different fad diets that people are designing to get that lean and healthy look.
Primal mainly consists of eating high protein, high fats and to limit your carbohydrate intake (in particular no grains).
As you can see from the food pyramid your diet on the primal way of life will mainly consist of meat, fish, eggs, lots of vegetables, and fruit in moderation.
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While the majority of the underlying assumptions and suggestions of the Paleo Diet are generally sound, the diet encompasses only a fraction of what it takes to live a healthy life in the modern world.
So you are probably thinking that the primal diet is just another fad that you will try for a few days and not get the results you want so stop doing it.
Our modern Western diet bears little resemblance to the eating habits of early humans throughout 100,000+ years of evolutionary history.
In the Primal Blueprint, unlike the Paleo Diet, omega 3 sources like canola oil are suspect. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to work out that the diet would have to be adapted for athletes and regular gym go-ers. At the end of the day if you’re looking into the primal diet it’s because you want to better yourself and natural foods are the best way.
Partaking of only lean meats, eschewing butter and coconut oil (two Primal Blueprint favourites), and restricting egg consumption. Although the Primal Blueprint doesn’t demonize the occasional use of artificial sweeteners, it makes the stipulation that its use should be limited to foods or beverages that will inherently add something positive to the diet.

However, you have got to remember we are living in 2014 and dairy and supplements do have their place in a modern diet as long as it is limited.
When the basics of our diet return to the patterns of our pre-agricultural ancestors, we’re operating with, instead of against, our natural physiology. Well, if you look at the diagram below you will see the primal food pyramid which your lifestyle will consist of. If you have heard about the paleo diet also known as the caveman, stone age, and hunter-gatherer diet then you will know that this does not allow for diary or supplements in its diet. However, to stick to a lifestyle change it has to be realistic and I believe that the primal is more realistic that the paleo way of life.

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