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Author: admin, 13.08.2014
Taking cinnamon pills regularly can affect the belly fat, more than other fatty parts of the body. This spice is derived from a plant that belongs to the genus Cinnamomum, which is native to India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
Certain studies also found that cinnamon effectively regulates blood sugar level and promote weight loss. The Ceylon bark is packed with volatile oils that induce weight loss such as cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, and trans-cinnamic acid. Taking cinnamon pills regularly allows the body to metabolize sugar and carbohydrates at a much faster rate.

A clinical test found that diabetic patients who were given a dose of cinnamon daily experienced lower LDL level than the initial level prior to the test. When the insulin level and blood sugar level are balanced, you will experience fewer cravings. The very idea of consuming cinnamon causes a complex metabolic reaction in the body that’s similar to eating hot peppers.
Studies show that adding cinnamon to any meal can lower its glycemic index by as much as 29%!
Because cinnamon takes very little energy to metabolize, it circulates in the body at a much faster rate, allowing you to burn off more calories.

Eating low glycemic foods reduces erratic levels of blood sugar in the body and that’s key to losing weight!

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