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Author: admin, 26.11.2013
When you are looking to provide a home exercise program to patients, you need one that provides you with as much done-for-you content as possible, preferably in different formats (text, pictures, illustrations and video) to maximize adoption by the patient. This article should help you make some decisions about a HEP program for your practice, and I welcome your comments and feedback about what you’ve used so that other PTs can learn from your insight. Web-based home exercise program solutions allow the physical therapist to create and edit programs online using any computer. While there are several software providers (all of them do a great job) that provide advanced 3D graphics to display patient exercises, I have been unable to find evidence that these are indeed more effective for enhancing patient compliance as compared to well-illustrated exercise handouts and traditional 2D videos. Adoption of an HEP program be facilitated by simple patient handouts, reinforced by a personalized website link that the patient can conveniently access. You can purchase a flip camcorder for under $100 on Amazon and create your own exercise videos and upload them to YouTube. If you are a PT looking to provide custom home exercise program and traditional HEP software is not an option, consider uploading videos to a YouTube playlist which can then be shared with patients. It’s best to use this opportunity effectively and brand the HEP program with your logo and images. The ideal home exercise program should allow you to create custom program for patients, print it out and hand it out to patients, email it to patients, and also add your own exercise video if needed.
At the end of the day, home exercise programs should be simple and easy to use, instead of being technologically overwhelming.
This website is primarily for the use of physiotherapists responsible for prescribing exercises.

To provide physiotherapists with a simple way of compiling personalised and professional-looking exercise booklets for their clients.
The development team, who are also responsible for the free spinal cord injury management e-learning website, have done an amazing job of developing this resource.
If you are a physical therapy private owner who is just starting out, it becomes even more important to find a solution that is affordable and easy to use, especially if you are not technologically savvy and are limited with time.
These solutions also allow the patients to quickly and easily access the exercises from a computer or smart phone.
It’s important to cater to the preferred consumption mode of different audiences (mobile, professional patients versus seniors with limited access to technology) when delivering your home exercise program. This does have a limitation, wherein you are unable to print a pdf of the videos but it is a FREE option and is totally customizable. It may also be of interest to other health professionals including occupational therapists as well as people with neurological conditions.
This website provides junior or inexperienced physiotherapists with an array of exercise ideas.
As the patient becomes more compliant with the HEP program, the recovery time is reduced which enhances the reputation of the clinic.
If you have any additional suggestions or recommendations about HEP programs, please share them in the comments section. For best results, home exercise programs should be integrated with an EMR solution so the program flows through directly to the notes for that particular patient.

This gives you and your patients the ability to simply search for a particular exercise on YouTube and watch it anytime.
Emphasis has been placed on providing exercises that are independent of different philosophical approaches to the treatment of people with neurological conditions.
Click here to learn more about the patient waitlist service and use the invitation code '10freeleads' to participate in the program. Having said that, there are several free HEP solutions so you may be able to use – a convenient HEP solution independent of your EMR. For this reason, there are very few exercises that involve manual handling by physiotherapists.
All attempts have been made to ensure the exercises are based on the best available evidence. As new evidence about best practice emerges, the exercises on this website will be updated.

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