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Author: admin, 03.11.2013
In fact, two things from his book stand out in my mind to this day, and they both illustrate this point. It’s odd to see Biblical stories discussed in books about evolutionary approaches to health. I can imagine a long line of men and women stretching all the way back to the Paleolithic era cautioning against this transition.
They mean we need to stop pretending we can eat Paleolithic foods that don’t exist anymore. The Paleo approach’s distinct advantage is its investment in the evolutionary clues, and this sometimes means following some prescriptions by mimicry, without the science. Funny that you got turned off by the Neanderthin book, I probably would have found it very appealing. Pro-tip: Drag the appropriate link above to your browser's bookmark bar, or right-click the link and select 'Add to Bookmarks.' Each time you use your bookmark to begin shopping on Amazon, your purchases will help support the show!
I lost my original copy of the book somewhere along the years, so I was delighted to discover that the Kindle edition is available for just 7 bucks.
However, the science wasn’t settled when Audette wrote his book, nor is it settled today.
She said she wished her whole life could just be laid out in a book, so she could follow the directions.
Added to that, I appreciate modern conveniences, medicine, and sanitation — It seems to me that a paleolithic lifestyle is more healthy for **those who survive**, and a modern lifestyle allows **more people to survive**.

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