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Otzi, Copper Age Man The conventional wisdom for a long time was that humans had mastered their environments so well starting around 10,000 years ago, when agriculture was invented, it was no longer necessary to evolve. But it turns nothing could be further from the truth: the speed of evolution for mankind is speeding up not slowing down, with some scientists estimating the pace is 100 times more than it was 10,000 years ago if no other reason than that there are many more people living in the world today.
In February 2010, scientists produced the first genome of an ancient human---a man who lived in Greenland 4,000 years ago.
In many parts of Africa, men traditionally practiced cattle herding and women raised crops. Many Africans---including the Kikuyu in Kenya and the Zulu in South Africa speak Bantu languages. Mann wrote in National Geographic, In the Levant---the area that today encompasses Israel, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Jordan, and western Syria---archaeologists had discovered settlements dating as far back as 13,000 B.C.

The analysis suggests that this “Greenland Man” had type A blood, brown eyes, darker skin than most Europeans, dry earwax, thin, dark hair and a marker that indicated he had good chance of going bald, a trait determined from the hair from which DNA samples were derived. The man is believed to have belonged to a cultural group, the Saqqaq, the earliest known residents of Greenland.
Many scholars believe that the Jomon people were Ainu, a people who practiced a religion centered around blood-sacrifice and bear rituals and who survive today in small numbers in northern Japan. During the continent's early history, geography facilitated the creation of small, isolated cultures as opposed to large empires. Many of these people are now settled but cattle remains a symbol of wealth and defense against famine. Gordon Childe, an Australian transplant to Britain, was a flamboyant man, a passionate Marxist who wore plus fours and bow ties and larded his public addresses with noodle-headed paeans to Stalinism.

Many people once again became wandering foragers, searching the landscape for remaining food sources. Yet critics charged that the evidence was weak, not least because Abu Hureyra, Mureybet, and many other sites in northern Syria had been flooded by dams before they could be fully excavated. Archaeologists have estimated that no more than 20,000 people and maybe as few as 1,600 people lived in France at one time during Paleolithic times. A great synthesist, Childe wove together his colleagues' disconnected facts into overarching intellectual schemes.

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