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Author: admin, 23.10.2015
The Center for Science in Public Interest has ranked the sweet potato number one in nutrition (ahead of spinach and broccoli). Cut end off sweet potatoes, then cut in half lengthwise, then cut strips of the halves, then cut them into matchsticks. I’m actually so excited by this post because I have all the ketchup ingredients on hand and have been searching high and low for a simple, tasty paleo ketchup recipe. The yellow sweet potatoes are great because they aren’t as sweet but as a bit starchier. It has been my mission to get crispy fries…ice water, egg whites, you name it, I have tried it!! My friend here has her mom bring it to her from Canada so I’m sure you can get it there.

I have read “Sweet Potato Power” and tried some of recipe, they were really delicious!
I don’t think I ever really cared one way or another about sweet potatoes until I started eating paleo. Tomorrow is my once a week carb feasting so this will be perfect to satisfy my fries craving! Yes, I know they are caked in weird stuff and fried in weirder stuff, but it doesn’t make me want them any less. In┬árestaurants, not only do they use a deep fryer, they also often dip their fries in flour. I want to make sweet love to those sweet potato tots and consume a gallon of ketchup along with them.

When he gave it to me, I knew I would someday make paleo ketchup and store it in my fridge in this little handsome bottle. I thought I’d try some arrowroot powder instead of flour to see if I could get that extra crispy outside to my fries.
While your sweet potatoes are baking, pull out a medium sized saucepan and place over medium heat.

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