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Author: admin, 10.07.2015
From big pasta dinners, to carbohydrate dense prepackaged bars, and electrolyte beverages, endurance athletes are notorious for relying on carbohydrates as their main source of fuel. I have had the privilege of working with Stephanie for about a year and I could not be happier with how far she has taken me. Many endurance athletes believe that they cannot live a Paleo lifestyle and still effectively train or compete for their event. I also carry fruit & veggie pouches or homemade date bars for an easy way to get some energy without having to get off the bike.
Unlike other nutritionists I’ve worked with in the past, Stephanie offers a wide variety of choices and options that make sense for your current state of health.
As a varsity athlete in college, I never had to meal plan for myself so when I graduated and had to deal with healing my digestive system and gut, I felt quite lost.
However, there are athletes out there who are living a Paleo lifestyle and running marathons, doing Ironman Triathalons and even doing 3+ CrossFit WODs a day like in the recent CrossFit Games. I’ve lost close to twenty pounds in the course of 6 months by working with her to establish a great foundation for healthy eating.
I have a whole new respect for the power of a proper diet and I have never felt or looked better than I do today.

She not only gave me tips on better eating habits but also helped develop meal plans for me, establish better sleeping habits, and taught me tricks on how to handle cheat meals :). I can highly recommend her personalized Weight Management program for those looking for long term success. Leah is under 5 feet tall and weighs about 115 pounds and is one of the strongest athletes in our gym.
After cutting my carb intake, especially grains, I felt a drastic difference in what I need energy wise for training. She also completed the 2011 Seattle to Portland (STP) 200 mile bike race in one day while following a Paleo diet. I did A LOT of research on what I needed nutrient wise for endurance training and just tweaked my food to make it work.

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