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Author: admin, 05.01.2015
I thought I would dedicate today’s post to looking into the diet a little further and answering some of the basic questions in following it. He argues that eating in this manner, a high vegetable and high protein diet, will help you lose weight and optimize your health. The most efficient way to eliminate the diseases is by eliminating unnatural sugar and carbohydrate sources in our diets. Because the Paleo Diet only allows carbohydrates from vegetables, you’ll see those bulging areas creep away.

If you buy it in the middle aisles at the grocery store, you shouldn’t eat it on the Paleo Diet. I’ve chosen to highlight the Paleo Diet because, while a diet, it is really is a lifestyle choice in the way we think about food. The diet also stresses the importance of healthy fats which include olive oil, nut oils, coconut oils, and avocado.
As for me, I am going to try and include some Paleo inspired recipes in the next few weeks, including a pizza made with cauliflower crust!

Many of my food philosophies are based on the morals displayed in this diet, and I think it is a great long term eating solution as opposed to a quick-fix diet plan.
Eggs are part of the Paleo Diet and an easy component to incorporate into any meal of the day.

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