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Author: admin, 31.07.2014
Paleo diet food list Website is here to help you decide whether paleo diet is good for you. Meat was the foundation of the hunter-gatherer’s diet, and is featured heavily in the paleo diet. High carbohydrate, starchy tubers – potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams – are restricted on the Paleo Diet. Fruits are recommended for the same reasons as vegetables, however dieters trying to loose weight may want to limit thier fruit intake due to the naturally occurring sugar in fruit.
Fibrous vegetables are highly recommended on the paleo diet because they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Although many diets recommend only eating the whites, whole eggs are recommended for the paleo diet. This blog is where I share my passion for great tasting paleo food, staying fit and living a healthy paleo life. Because of their higher nutrient content, eggs from free-range chickens are recommended over those from caged chickens.
Nuts are recommended as a snack foodwhile on the paleo diet because they are high in protein, healthy usaturated fats and fiber.
The paleo diet allows meat from all animal sources, including more exotic meats like bison and venison.

Before we turn on the stove we have to know which food is allowed, which food is strictly prohibitet during this diet plan and which can be used in moderation.
Also, except for walnuts, almost all nuts have high levels of omega 6 fats, and if eaten excessively, they can unbalance the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats in your diet.

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