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Author: admin, 06.01.2014
Despite its very old framework (evolutionary biology – measured in thousands of years), the understanding of the science and application behind Paleo is very new (measured in tens of years). The irony, however, was that rather than the movement being made up predominantly by a bunch of meat-eating blokes attempting to reconnect with their inner caveman as some sort of rebellion against new-age feminism, the uptake of Paleo was often being led by women who were sick of being sick, many of whom were returning to meat-eating, AND, importantly, large-volume vegetable-eating, after many years of “vegetarianism”; the kind of vegetarianism dominated by Special K, rice crackers, the banking of points for that glass of Sav Blanc at the weekend, and all being quite vegetable-light. I’ve often remarked, following changes in my own diet, and a shift in my nutrition consulting practice, how people who pick up the Paleo framework and run with it, end up eating more vegetables than most vegetarians I’ve ever worked with (which also highlights that EVERY dietary framework can be done poorly).
Additionally, Paleo has surfaced at a time when the translation from rough academic hypothesis to more books and blogs on the topic than you can poke a stick at, occurs at the speed of light.
The Paleo framework has been no exception to this, and you may have seen various pyramids and plates depicting the rough ratios of certain foods to be consumed under this framework, including the original Paleo Cafe pyramid.

Despite the on-going eat-all-the-bacon-you-like meme that is prominent amongst the more popularly-focused Paleo fanatics, the main focus has always been on understanding the importance of good quality nutrient-dense unprocessed meat sources in the human diet, respecting the source and how it was raised and treated. Thus, the Paleo movement quickly became pigeon-holed as a meat-heavy (and sometimes, meat-exclusive) diet, consumed by a bunch of mono-browed Neanderthals.
This leads to the inevitable tensions between academics, practitioners, and pop-up gurus about what is and isn’t Paleo. Pollan did not suggest that we eat a plant-exclusive diet, and nobody worth listening to in the Paleo community suggests we should be eating a meat-exclusive diet. The common template in the Paleo community is to eat a piece of good-quality unprocessed meat (or fish, fowl, or eggs), at each meal, that is the size of the palm of your hand, filling the rest of your plate with plant-based foods.

If your plate is 75% filled with plants, then this is a framework based around eating “mostly plants” in anyone’s book.

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