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Author: admin, 29.11.2013
The conventional wisdom is that milk has a lot of calcium, other foods don’t, so in order to have healthy bones you need to drink milk. Green vegetables that are low in oxalic acid commonly deliver calcium that is more readily absorbed by the body than milk, and per gram often have a calcium content that is very similar. A common argument in favor of omnivorous diets is that animal proteins are “complete”, which usually means they contain greater amounts of essential amino acids than vegetable proteins, which is important to your health. If you look to the right you’ll notice people typically get about four times as many essential amino acids as the body needs. Nuts, beans, legumes, soy products, and iron fortified foods can all give the body enough iron to keep going strong. I’ve found that people who are fearful of change can’t be nudged into action, they need to be patiently led to the final outcome by overcoming all objections that are floating around in their heads.

I have been vegan for over 30 years and have NEVER EVER taken B12 supplements or ANY foods fortified with B12. Plant foods tend to be more alkaline than meat and dairy products, and calcium is used as a buffer to lower the body’s pH, negatively affecting your body’s calcium balance. If you consume your calories from real food, you have no choice but to consume adequate amounts of protein as a result. Excessive protein intake over the long run results in undigested amino acid metabolites that can lead to gout, arthritis, kidney stones and high blood pressure over a lifetime. When well planned, a whole foods vegan diet does not result in lower rates of iron deficiency than omnivorous ones. For this reason plants cannot be counted on to regularly provide vitamin B12, even though fermented foods can provide some in small quantities.

A large portion of vegan food bought in stores is fortified with B12, and this is typically enough to avoid worst case scenarios for B12 deficiency. In an environment where people are closely connected to the food they grow and not isolated from natural fertilizers growing conditions in the soil are likely to provide more than enough B12, even on a vegetarian diet. I’ll take veggies over milk any day but just wished you showed the whole chart and the correct corresponding info.

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