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Author: admin, 18.06.2014
London, August 16: If you want a perfect nutrition pattern, then pay attention to your consumption of fruits and vegetables, says celebrity nutritionist Jane Clarke. New study highlights nutrient profile of frozen fruits & vegetables compared to fresh MCLEAN, Va., Nov. Sun dried vegetables have many uses like direct consumption as chips, reconstitution for cooked side dish, additive in soup, casseroles, stuffing or stews and made in powdered from as well.

The sun dried fruit and vegetable should be stored in air-tight containers for a max of six month to a year. Unlike many syrups and sugars, maple syrup is 100% natural and completely unrefined-retaining all the sap's nutritional elements as it's transformed into syrup.
Typically, when sun drying fruits and vegetables, majority of the nutrients is preserved.

The good news is that all vegetables contain protein, so they can choose any type of vegetable to ensure that they meet the daily requirement of protein as stipulated by the USDA.

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