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Author: admin, 09.10.2014
The best way to reduce this bloating is by combining your foods in a way that allows for easy digestion. When I went home for the holidays I was determined to make as much good food for my family as possible. I love cooking and eating healthy foods, but sometimes I only have enough time to grab something quick. I want to impart my ideas about how to balance food and fitness in a realistic and attainable way in order to achieve health.

While I chose to use Brussels sprouts, baby bok choy, and mushrooms, you could swap in eggplant, bell peppers, onions, anything really. Instead, take a look, understand the concept, and then make a conscious effort to order your food wisely as you're eating. At the same time, some foods digest very easily and quickly while others take quite a bit of time to break down.
I promise you, once you get the hang of it it's really easy and you will rid yourself of that food baby once and for all!

Next in line for digestion time are non-starchy veggies, then starchy vegetables, and then lastly proteins and fats.
The idea behind "food combining"--as it's called--is to order your food intake in a way that allows easy digestion.

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