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I know that your love will last for all time, that your faithfulness is as permanent as the sky. 8: But God has shown us how much he loves us – it was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us!Hebrews 13, vs.
I can count on my one hand the number of times I played ball with my boy or took my daughter shopping. My kids now live far away so I cannot make up for time lost before.                     Well, isn’t it a good thing that our Father in Heaven is not an absentee Dad. It was customary at that time for Rabbis (Jesus was one—it meant teacher) when they were among a crowd to say the first verse of a Psalm.

Lost loves, friends, jobs, disagreements with others, death of relatives, and depression are just some of the reasons we lose pride and hope in one self. However, sometimes you carry the baggage of the memories of those sins in your mind and heart. Jesus did not promise that this life would be easy but that He would walk through those troubled times with you. I am sure there are many stories out there of how this verse helped many people weather their storms. However, a lot of people do these days.            Centuries ago, pagan people would make images of things like sheep, goats, golden statues, the sun, and other things and then worship them as if they were gods themselves.

Let’s take one at a time and discuss:We discussed this command last sermon (review if you want to).

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