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Author: admin, 04.03.2014
The basic principles are to combine a restricted calorie diet, aiming for weight (fat) loss, with a high protein diet, to maintain and build muscle mass. They take priority.However, what this does mean is that this whole experiment will be a true test of the effect that diet alone has on your body shape.
I may also alter my training days to coincide with a 3 or 4 day cycle for the same reasons, such is the beauty of the diet plan.Personal Daily LimitsIn terms of where I have set my personal carbohydrate and protein limits for each type of day, it is all relevant to my starting weight and basal metabolic rate (BMR).
Some encourage more carbs, some encourage less protein and the calorie total is simply based on the fact that we do need a percentage reduction from my BMR in order to lose weight and expend more calories overall than we are consuming.All these figures are subject to change based on how the diet is going and my body is responding.

They are packed full of high quality carbohydrates and calories, so they are strictly for use on high carb days, but also contain 22g of protein per bar AND a healthy dose of CLAs and creatine. The only days where I felt I could eat more food were the no carb days, and generally my work kept me busy enough that it was a non-issue. That is one way that a cycling program such as this can help you stick to the diet.On low (200g of carbs) and high (300-350g of carbs) I actually felt full most of the time. Just had a question around your level of carbs – in the article you have low days as no more than 95g.

I’m following your diet and work out routin, but I can’t see any where your abs exersice!

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