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Author: admin, 21.04.2013
Nacho Cheese Dip2015-08-10 08:06:46 Serves 12 A warm nacho cheese dip with a tasty kick from a jalapeno! This entry was posted in Appetizers, Snacks and Game Time Food and tagged appetizers, cheese dip, chip and dip, dip, game time food, nacho cheese dip, snacks. This dip has milk in it, you want the milk to slowly warm up not curdle if it gets too hot too quickly.I typically cut this recipe in half unless of course we are hosting company. It's easy to cut in half.As far as how many this serves, depends on how you are using the dip.

Get ready for football season with this nacho cheese dip!I’ve made this recipe a few times. Don't try to speed up process by using medium heat though, keep the heat on low or slightly above low.Once fully melted pour dip into a bowl and serve with chips or pour dip over a pile of chips! That's 10-12 servings out of the full recipe as written above.For this recipe I do not take the seeds out of the tomatoes when I make this dip, it all gets chopped up and thrown in.
Well I do believe this weekend this dip truly turned out the way I envisioned from the start.

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