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Author: admin, 23.06.2013
While reducing the number of calories that you consume and increasing your physical activity will result in weight loss, certain problem areas often times have to be addressed individually. Pear shaped body types or weight gain that is found around the hips and thighs is typically due to hormonal imbalances, especially TOO much estrogen. In addition to the low carbohydrate diet that One Wellness Place recommends; if estrogen load is contributing to weight gain around the hips and thighs you should consume a high amount of cruciferous vegetables.

The quicker estrogen is metabolized means the faster it is eliminated from the body resulting in less estrogen load. If you are using birth control pills for PMS, or cycle regulation you should consider bio identical hormone replacement therapy (bio identical progesterone). If these are not a viable options ask your physician for birth control pills that have a low amount of estrogen or those products that contain progestins only.

Herbal product designed to increase the metabolism of estrogen so that it can be removed from the body.

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