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Author: admin, 08.02.2014
Okay, I like to write a little intro for all my pages to talk about how monumentally important the subject is. You get the best of both worlds with my balanced and sophisticated brunch menu– ideas like a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar make this menu fun, chic, and easy. The instructions for setting up a self-serve Bloody Mary bar are below– this is one of the most amazingly fun things to add to a brunch menu.
Spear a raspberry with a toothpick and lay over the mouth of the champagne flute for a garnish.

When making brunch for a group, one of the first brunch menu ideas that will come to mind is classic French toast. Note: To make this brunch menu idea a little easier to organize, slice the challah and make up the egg mixture the night before. With all the bacon and eggs and rich buttery French toast we’ve included in this special brunch menu, your guests are going to be crying out for something fresh. Feel free to exchange any type of fruit below for one of your favorites– this is a very adaptable brunch fruit salad.

And you get to serve booze without anybody looking at you funny for drinking champagne at eleven o’clock in the morning. Come on.

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