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China's new Africa policy paper illustrates the nation's firm support for strengthening the continent's public health system and capacity building by sharing its own experience in poverty alleviation, says Ayo Ajayi, Africa director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Ajayi, a development expert from Nigeria, says the foundation welcomes China-Africa cooperation plans and commitments by President Xi Jinping, who pledged $60 billion of support from diverse investment sources during the second summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Johannesburg on Dec 4 and 5. Among the many areas of cooperation agreed during the summit, it was announced that the China-Africa Development Fund and the foundation plan to establish a partnership using investments from China to address disease, hunger and poverty. China's experience, funding, and manufacturing and technology make it an ideal partner for developing countries, he says. Chinese innovation can also play a vital role in providing effective and affordable solutions to health issues affecting poor populations.
United Nations agencies and other nongovernmental organizations have been working to leverage resources in order to fill the space between the private sector and government.
Ajayi says the foundation has signed an agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce to carry out trial projects in Africa to address public health and agricultural problems. Paul Benjamin says that he stumbled onto the idea of mixing tea with whisky a few years ago in a bar in Tokyo, and the sudden inspiration prompted him to set up the bottled tea brand Benjamin & Blum. The brand, which sells luxury bottled tea, is meant to be mixed with whisky, and was launched in both Hong Kong and London this year. The bartender asked if he had wanted to try something different, and then suggested whisky with green tea. Although mixing green tea and whisky is still an unfamiliar idea in the West, and anathema to the average Scot, in Asia it is already popular amongst whisky lovers.
Benjamin & Blum has two bottled teas, which are Darjeeling Bai Mu Dan (white peony) from India and oolong from New Zealand.
Benjamin, who was a lawyer before embarking on his tea and whisky adventure, has another reason to be in the drinks business. Benjamin says the two teas can be paired with any whisky of the consumer's choice; normally the mixture would contain half tea and half whisky, but it is not an exact science. The Darjeeling white tea from India is grown from an original Chinese tea grove, from tea bushes that Chinese settlers took with them to India. Benjamin says that the teas are processed with special consideration for the whisky mixture, so consistency is key.
It is much harder to find green tea that works well compared with red tea, because green tea contains tannin and aged whisky also contains tannin so when the two are mixed, there can be a bitter sensation.
Benjamin says that he personally likes the Darjeeling white tea with a lighter, floral whisky or a rich sherried Speyside, and the oolong with a whisky that has a good balance of smoky peat. Although the tea and whisky concept is not yet widespread in the United Kingdom, Benjamin says it was actually once popular in Britain in the 19th century, during the time of Queen Victoria.
It is said that her servant John Brown introduced her to the concept by putting some tea in her whisky for her to try, and the rest is history. This apparent historical tradition set by the queen is very little known in the UK today, but in Asia the concept grew, and tea and whiskey are popularly served in cocktail and karaoke bars. A Scotch whisky that changed the perception of scotch in China using tea is the French company Pernod Ricard's Chivas Regal brand. The drink made inroads into nightclubs and karaoke bars nationwide, and Pernod Ricard's contract outlets expanded "exponentially" from less than 200 in 2002 to 10 times as many a decade later. Benjamin says his brand builds on this trend but is different in that it is mostly about mixing tea with more aged whisky, as Asian consumers start to enjoy aged whisky more. Tobias Gorn, tasting manager at The Whisky Shop, located in London's Piccadilly, says the concept of mixing green tea with whisky has merit. Indian feminists who called for the ban ahead of the film's release in March argued that Udwin's airing of the interview of one of the men convicted of the crime would embolden people with similar attitudes toward women in a country that's already struggling with gender issues. In the documentary, one of the adult men tells Udwin (who isn't visible on screen) that more than men, women were to be blamed for incidences of rape. The film festival is organized by Chinese NGO Crossroads, with help from UN Women and backed by a few foreign embassies, mostly European.
She cited with examples of Saudi Arabia, where women aren't allowed to drive, Nigeria, where women can't open bank accounts and the United States, where a woman is likely to earn on an average 78 cents to the dollar for one dollar earned by a man doing the same job. On the night of Dec 16, 2012, the five adult men with irregular livelihoods and the juvenile were driving a privately run bus through New Delhi when they chanced upon the victim and her male companion who were returning home after an evening out watching a film. Following intensive care at a hospital in the city for more than a week after the assault, the woman-with three abdominal surgeries and a cardiac arrest by then - was airlifted to Singapore by the Indian government and admitted to a hospital for specialist treatment. The brutality of this crime forced a spasm of public protests across India against the treatment of women. The challenge to stem gender inequality is daunting not just for India as the UN World's Women Report for 2015 and other recent national findings suggest.
More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been subjected to female genital mutilation across countries in Africa and the Middle East where this specific form of violence against women is concentrated, it adds.
Among other Chinese films is the documentary We Are Here, which reveals how the lesbian movement gathered steam in China - starting from an under ground nightclub.
Other than the British production India's Daughter, the festival's foreign participants include Japan's Lily Festival, a humor-filled take on sexuality among the elderly, with its heroines between the ages of 69 and 91, US documentary Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock, which is about the life and times of a forgotten African-American civil rights activist from Arkansas and Germany's It Happened Just Before, a documentary that sheds light on trafficking in women and girls. More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been subjected to female genital mutilation across countries in Africa and the Middle East where this specific form of violence against women is concentrated. After waking up, I used to enjoy staying under the warm quilt, and could sometimes be there for an hour. For each day that we failed to do the 500 steps, she pasted a small pink pig sticker in front of our names. She wanted to deal with the problem by making the rules harsher, like paying one yuan extra for every minute after eight, but faced objections.
Submerged under the waters of the gigantic reservoir, built during the communist era, are the ruins of Seuthopolis-the ancient capital of the Thracian civilization, famous for its gold jewelry and other elaborate objects fashioned from the plentiful deposits in the rivers. Options for indulging in the passion appear unlimited in the country - "almost all Bulgarian rivers are gold-bearing", according to a government report published in August. The Argentine adventurer spent 14 years searching for the wreckage before finding it by accident in 2004, when the propeller of his boat struck a sunken mast as he trolled around the River Plate estuary. After waiting more than 10 long years for authorization from the Uruguayan authorities, Collado is finally set to fulfill his dream: To haul what is left of the wreckage to the surface, repair its cracks and bring it to shore. The 78-year-old bursts with energy as he discusses his plans, brushing aside conservationists' calls to leave the ship where it is and skeptics' doubts about its cargo. This fortified city of cobblestone streets was founded by the Portuguese in 1680 and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pencil in hand, Collado sketches out a map to show where the 64-gun privateer lies, with a cargo he says also includes thousands of liters of rum, 18th-century weaponry and other vestiges of an era when Europe's colonial powers were battling each other around the world. The Lord Clive, which belonged to the British East India Company, was sailing at the head of a fleet of 11 ships. But despite its three storeys of cannon, the Lord Clive anchored just 350 meters offshore - making it an easy target for the Spanish, and putting it too close for its own guns, which fired over the city. He estimates his haul will total hundreds of millions of dollars - half of which will go to the Uruguayan government. Despite the millions of images that are taken and uploaded to social media sites every day, Liu says that good pictures are still rare, for it takes great skill to create one that can tell stories, evoke an emotional response from the audience, and become part of the "collective memory" of a nation. Fair director Alexander Montague-Sparey said the crowd numbers is indicative of the considerable increase in awareness and passion for photography in China, which has subsequently translated into strong sales of iconic vintage and contemporary masterpieces.

Liu, an American Chinese photographer who has lived and worked in China for several decades, is widely recognized for his insightful portrayals of the everyday lives of ordinary Chinese people over the past 30 years. It has now become a luxury for a publication or news agency to send a photographer to a foreign country, Liu said. Having been in China for so long, Liu believes there is an urgent need to improve lateral thinking in China's education system before the standard of photography in the country can improve. The Xuhui district in Shanghai invited Liu to move from Beijing to Shanghai in 2014, suggesting he use the 500-sq-m building, which was designed by award-winning architects Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, as his workshop. The museum celebrated its opening in May, and the opening exhibition featured Jin Hongwei's private collection of Photography from the 20th Century, which included many of its most celebrated images by masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray and Guy Bourdin. The Lancet, one of the world's leading medical journals, started working with China in 2008, but Horton, its publisher and editor-in-chief, says he and his colleagues had begun to take an interest in the country earlier as they realized that China's rapid economic growth was likely to have an impact on health. The collaboration turned out to be a "superb launch", Horton says, adding that it encouraged the journal to develop a long-term relationship with China. Horton has written 10 reports on China, based on interviews with government officials and experts, including Chen Zhu, a former health minister, and Cao Xuetao, an academician at the China Engineering Academy. The problems can be resolved only by government action, and the next Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) presents the chance to do that, he says.
In the past, Horton and his Chinese colleagues have held workshops in China to train medical professionals on writing research papers and publishing them in foreign journals. Horton says of his receiving the Friendship Award: "It was a great privilege for me to meet Premier Li Keqiang and hear his words. The Lancet, in addition to continuing to publish reports on China and holding the joint annual conference, looks forward to continuing to work with Chinese universities and hospitals, Horton says.
On frequent trips to China, Horton says he has developed a taste for local cuisines and liquor. When Hou was 7, she had lessons at a chess club in Shangdong province, where she met her first coach, one of the top players in China.
Studying international relations at Peking University, it is hard for her to practice chess every day or prepare for matches, especially when there is course work to do or exams loom.
Hou says she usually practices for a month for world championships and for invitation games, just a few days if time does not allow. Hou was in London not only to play chess but to join a conversation hosted by China Exchange, a charity that promotes cultural exchanges between China and the UK.
She is keen on encouraging more girls and women to play the game, she says, and things are beginning to change, in China and elsewhere.
For Hou, chess is not only a sport but also a tool for learning to communicate and an effective way of enhancing friendships. However, Christer Gerdes, an analyst of chess players' behavior across gender at Stockholm University, says he doubts that physical strength is significant in playing chess.
The card is part of a collection of artefacts he intends presenting to the Shenyang WWII Allied Prisoners Camp Site Museum, which has curated an exhibition about the camp, once known as Mukden Camp, which was formally opened by Shen Peilin, minister at the Chinese Embassy in London at Liverpool's St.
Gunner Joy told his son of acts of friendship from Chinese civilians outside the camp, who would smuggle food and medicines through the wire. The militarists who gained control of Japanese society before and during WWII doctored the so-called bushido, or warrior code, to suit their view, which dictated that soldiers who surrendered were less than human. After liberation, many prisoners sought out the Chinese who had helped them, and stayed in touch until it was no longer possible to do so. Beatings, executions, and solitary confinement comprised the everyday life of prisoners in the camps, whose rations issued by the Japanese barely kept them alive, and they were denied all but the most basic form of medical treatment. The Liverpool exhibition, known as the "Forgotten Camp" exhibition, started on Nov 7 and lasts for a week. The trailblazing former Riverdance' star was on hand Tuesday when a section of 42nd Street was dubbed "Flatley Way" in honor of him and his show Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, opening nearby at the Lyric Theater. Flatley, born into a blue-collar Irish-American family in Chicago, was catapulted to fame after co-choreographing Riverdance, which was first performed as a seven-minute interval break in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. The 2015 International Partnership Deans Forum held its grand opening on Nov 5 at the Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai during a celebration of two anniversaries: the university's 110th and the School of Management's 30th since its restoration.
Initiated by the FDSM, the International Partnership Deans Forum, under the theme "Global Management Education", brought together 12 deans from leading global business schools to integrate Chinese and Western cultures and exchange thoughts and wisdom. The forum also gathered experts from various business schools to exchange views on personnel training, integration of resources and international cooperation.
The forum then featured two roundtable discussions called "Innovation & Persistence in Global Business Education" and "Challenges and Opportunities of Business Education in the Ever-Changing Global Context".
Apart from their attention to the development of management education, guest speakers provided forward-looking recommendations for the FDSM and shared their opinions with faculty, students and alumni. The speakers focused on global development themes, revealed ways to tackle global challenges and explored sustainable paths for courses in management in China and throughout the world. At the end of the forum, the deans held a joint press conference, addressing the development, opportunities and challenges of the global business landscape. The FDSM has established profound friendships with the world's top-notch business schools over the past three decades, said FDSM Dean Lu Xiongwen, who highlighted the joint-degree programs with more than 10 participating institutions at the forum. Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia (not related), both suffering from disabilities and in their 50s, were spared most of the blasts of sand and other particles forced on cities and villages by strong winds, as they were sheltered by trees. Locals Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia created a green zone in Yeli village, which is in north China's Hebei province. The two men have helped raise a forest by planting thousands of trees on a stretch of 3.33 hectares, along the Ye River in Hebei province's Yeli village, over the past few years.
Jia Wenqi, who lost both his arms in an electrical accident at age 3, came up with the idea of planting trees for a living after quitting his job as a performer with the Hebei Disabled Persons' Art Troupe in 2000. It has taken almost 10 years for the saplings they planted to become trees, and generations of people from Hebei, which is among the country's most polluted provinces, stand to benefit. And now, when Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia call out to society to do more for the area's greenery, companies, public institutions and individuals respond effectively.
Back then, the picture was bleak for the two men, and not just in terms of their desire to earn money. The men then came to understand that they could earn a living from planting aspens and willows, two species that grow fast. At the time, many calcium and magnesium mines in the area needed wooden crutches, which were used to support mining appliances, and that triggered their interest in trees.
Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia each lived on allowances for low-income families of less than 200 yuan ($31) a month. To plant a tree, Jia Wenqi would steady an iron rod with his feet while the other would push the sapling into the soil. Yeli village gets enough water from the river for irrigation and grows ample corn and wheat these days.
While Baima Yuzhen and charities have pitched in with money more recently, the Disabled Persons Federation, a government agency, earlier offered seed money to the two men to grow the trees. Meanwhile, the forest raised by the two friends is almost full now, requiring easier tasks like weeding and fending off stray cows.
Wang currently has four companies based in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and Shenzhen, all of which specialize in turning a profit through compensation from counterfeit product producers. The foundation sees great potential for Chinese supply to meet African demand, and provide long-term sustainable answers to Africa's challenges.

By filling the knowledge gap and using our strong capacity for forming public-private partnerships, we hope to connect Chinese enterprises with African markets," he adds.
The foundation is working to facilitate the entry of innovative Chinese products into African markets. For example, we have worked with one of China's largest refrigeration companies, to develop and manufacture a vaccine storage device called Arktek that can keep vaccines at appropriate temperatures for a month or more without propane, batteries, electricity, solar panels, or other power source at the point of use," he says. The joint fund being established with the China-Africa Development Fund, for example, aims to promote sustainable businesses within the private sector. The green tea takes the edge off the alcohol and softens the whisky, and is favored by Asian drinkers who often find whisky too strong. Marcus Benjamin was a purveyor of delicacies in turn-of-the-century Berlin, while Friedrich Blum supplied exotic imported specialties, as well as teas and coffees, to the restaurants and grand coffeehouses of Vienna. Instead, he wanted to do something different, but that still linked back to the family tradition, so finding teas that can be paired with whisky was the perfect solution. The use of bottled tea differs from the freshly brewed tea he had in the Tokyo whisky bar, and makes it easier for consumers to enjoy tea and whisky at home. Instead, it is more suitable for whisky bars and fine dining restaurants, as something innovative and exciting, he says. It was shown nearly a dozen times as part of the ongoing China Women's Film Festival, which is an annual event in its third year, hosting filmmakers from here and abroad.
And a teenage boy is in a correctional program for young delinquents for his alleged role in the attack, Indian media reported.
Her objectives for the project were to show how violently a life had been cut short, "what goes on inside the heads of these men (who perpetrate such crimes)" and capturing the public outrage the incident sparked. Over dinner, the girl responsible for collecting the fines showed us an Excel sheet that she had made.
For the other five days, I got out of bed within 10 minutes of waking up and kept walking around my small apartment so I could complete 500 steps. Bent over their green pans, they diligently wash the gravel looking for specks of the precious metal.
When we collect 20 grams we will make good luck amulets for our grandchildren," says Ganeva who has practised panning with her husband for two years now.
If the ship doesn't have any treasure, investors don't put up any money," he says, his eyes alight as he looks out over the water from a bar in Colonia del Sacramento. While Liu Heung Shing concedes that photojournalism may be a dying profession, he is adamant that the craft is nowhere near its demise. The fair, which ran from Sept 11 to 13 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, attracted 26,000 visitors. While there are often debates about the merits of different genres of photography, Liu believes that this is a wrong approach to understanding the craft. He says that this has resulted in the loss of a "fresh pair of eyes" and the unique observation of an experienced journalist or artist from another land. Education in China has for a very long time been focused on the vertical depth of knowledge.
A walk through exhibition hall takes visitors from vintage photographs to those taken in the digital age when artists try all possible media platforms and methods available, including photoshop, artificial settings and theater effects. He is an honorary professor at several European universities and is on an advisory board for the World Health Organization's Africa office. Since then it has served as a bridge for academic exchanges between Chinese and foreign experts in healthcare. That was in 2010, and in August last year she made it into the rankings of the top 100 players of the World Chess Federation, the only woman on the list. But she has no grand strategy for making that happen, which reflects her beginnings in chess. He and his colleagues were taken prisoner in Singapore when General Arthur Percival surrendered to the invading Japanese forces in 1942. Several times they were able to smuggle food back to the places they were being held captive in. The Japanese guards had withheld vital International Red Cross supplies from the men for three and a half years. For three years he had imagined himself in disgrace for having surrendered Corregidor," MacArthur wrote in his memoires.
Former inmates have visited it, and there is also a plaque detailing the friendship between the Chinese civilians who tried to help, and the prisoners. Today we have formed a global network of leading business schools and are carrying out joint programs with our partners. Therefore, each top business school finds it imperative to prepare students for the intensely globalized and localized world. Jia Wenqi, a bachelor, was without regular employment and had to care for his ailing father.
To create the sustainable solutions that are necessary to promote development, private companies must be engaged to leverage their innovation and capital, as well as governments with the ability to facilitate and drive forward partnerships such as these, he says.
In the United Kingdom, for instance, one in three girls between ages 13 and 17, has been raped or experienced sexual violence of some form, her film says.
In the first week, I only managed to do the 500 steps once, and paid 120 yuan for not getting up early on the other six days.
The four of us are talking about moving onto a new good habit, like finishing reading a book in two weeks, or not shopping online for a month. In 1978, he started to work as the founder and reporter for Time magazine's Beijing office. She started playing when she was 5, she says, quickly discovering that she seemed to have a natural talent for the game, and graduated to international class "by instinct". But a digital course is a great complement to the physical classroom, especially for business courses.
Business schools in Hong Kong are also in a good position to serve as an "intermediary", for example, by introducing social capital into public-private partnerships.
That said, working in teams with peers across regional and institutional boundaries, and with different backgrounds, is a huge plus to address major challenges in this rapidly changing world. On reaching the plot of land "assigned" to them, the two men would till the soil and plant the saplings.
The foundation can draw in necessary players and help ensure investment takes place smoothly, he says. FDSM welcomes all forms of international cooperation to give business schools in China a foothold in education about management on a global scale. For example, in his photos of a peasant in the Emei Mountains of Sichuan province, one can find political slogans printed on the wall, and a large portrait of Chairman Mao hanging in the center of the house.

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