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Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionLupus, a disease of the immune system, can be quite deadly, claiming the lives of thousands of patients yearly. This book contains very worthwhile information for a patient or family member with Lupus.Best of all it is written in a way that is easy to read and understand.I would highly recommend it! The book is very technical in nature that is geared more toward health care professionals rather than general readership. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionThis could be the most important book you'll ever read if you, or someone you love, has lupus. I have had Lupus for over 20 years & have been on about every medicine available WITH ALL THE BAD SIDE EFFECTS.
Presents a good argument for adopting a vegan diet as an alternative for managing autoimmune system disorders. This book is just what I was looking for- a guide to managing my Lupus-like disease naturally.
Within a few years of contracting lupus at the age of 26, Sara Gorman had traveled through the first couple of rings of Dante's Inferno. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionThis book introduces a new discovery that unintentionaldehydration causes many painful, degenerative diseases.
After a lifetime of being told that salt is bad for me, I finally let go and started to use celtic sea salt liberally (as prescribed in the book). I've read most of the lupus books on the market, and this one is the most comprehensive of them. Editorial ReviewProduct Description A complete Guide for Women with Lupus The Lupus Handbook for women provides all the information a woman needs to understand the disease, its diagnosis, and the treatment. This book was an excellent source of information.While Daniel Wallaces' book is by far the best written on Lupus, Ms. A comprehensive book, although it could go into more depth in areas.The page numbers are on the binding side of each page, which makes it difficult to thumb through to find anything.
I highly recommend this book for those who have recently been diagnosed with Lupus as well as informative for family members to better understand what Lupus patients experience.
I am a person with a possible diagnosis of Lupus, looking for information about the disease.While I found Dr. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionCompletely revised and updated, the definitive guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with lupus. I thought this book was good and I am happy the author is better (and hopefully continually getting better). There was a slight problem in delivery, which was taken care of by the seller.The book was in very good condition and included a personal touch that was much appreciated. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionA top-seller in Avery's Coping with a Chronic Illness series (more than 78,000 sold) is now thoroughly revised and updated.More than sixteen thousand Americans develop lupus each year, according to the Lupus Foundation of America. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionHealing Lupus gives an enlightening and instructive account of the author's personal journey with lupus over a seven-year period, from diagnosis to healing.Ms.
When she says "Healing Lupus: Steps in a Personal Journey" she is giving you the beginning, the end and the subject matter, but the process is one that takes a book to understand. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionPart of the Oxford American Rheumatology Library, this concise, authoritative pocketbook provides the most up-to-date information on the diagnosis, treatment and management of lupus. Hugs to all of you who fight lupus, Raynaud's, Fibromyalgia & any other autoimmune disease.
Today, I live on medication and diet alone, having been off of dialysis and the kidney transplant for over seven years.
For a long time, we’ve talked about low-sodium diets as something outside of the normal food circle.
True, it is not the only place, but what an informative, easy to read source.I also appreciate the appendices providing lupus resources for further information. There are portions of the book that are informative for those with Lupus and their families. Jill Harrington, the author, recovered from lupus over twelve years ago, using a specific diet and lifestyle. I only started the diet 2 days ago, so I cannot yet vouch for its efficacy, but a vegan diet is mentioned in numerous places elsewhere in terms of its benefit to those with autoimmunity.
Look no further than Despite Lupus, the book that will help you obtain the emotional and physical wellness you deserve. The author does a great job exposing lupus' various incarnations, treatments, systemic effects, and effects it has on the people who surround those afflicted with this condition.

I was diagnosed with lupus two years ago, with difuse symptoms, a lot of neurologic symptomsthat one neurologist diagnosed as "you are very nervous, take a vacation, go to the beach", of course it didn't work because I had a cerebral vasculitis by lupus. This thoughtful, cutting-edge book can help you manage the flare-ups, symptoms, and side effects of lupus and put you back on the path to a more enjoyable, active lifesyle.
I found the book easy to read, informative, as well as keeping the focus on what Lupus patients should do to stay positive while living with this treatable though incurable disease.
It is an easy format to follow and helpful for those newly diagnosed or reading their first book on Lupus. Wallace's handbook on Lupus very helpful, "New Hope" was full of silly platitutes and assumptions about my experiences of the disease (trying to be funny and sympathetic, but not mirroring my experiences at all--I found it rather condescending).It did not cover in depth alternative therapies as I had hoped.
An estimated 1.4 million Americans, most of them women, suffer from lupus, a chronic auto-immune disease in which the immune system attacks the body. Add to that the fact that lupus is notoriously difficult to diagnose, and the number of potential sufferers grows. I got this book because I know that there is a lot to be said about natural healing methods for chronic disease.
That kind of info is completely absent from your typical 1st book on autoimmune disease, and most MDs have little to offer in that area as well- just drugs and more drugs to counteract the side effects of the initial drugs.
Coping With Lupus: A Practical Guide to Alleviating the Challenges of Systemic Lupus Erythematosusby Robert H. Once considered a fatal disease of the autoimmune system, current methods of therapy have made deaths from lupus much more uncommon. Finally an Internist put together my collection of ailments and diagnosed me as having Lupus. Evans shares her personal insights and gifts that led to her healing as well as the tools that helped her get there.She has been free from lupus since 1978. Diagnosed with Lupus and working toward a full recovery, Jessica dropped the shaker for a new salt-free lifestyle. I would not recommend reading this book prior to reading several others that are geared to the Lupus patient and their family. I was so depressed and discouraged and this book really helped me see that there is a way to live well with a chronic illness by someone who was actually doing it.I have incorporated a lot of Sara's advice in my own life from adding naps to my schedule to watching my diet more closely. It is an accompaniment for his other books, "You're not sick, you're thirsty" and "your body's many cries for water". But if you incorporate the SALT, along with the water, and avoid the dehydrating caffeine in tea, coffee, soft drinks) and chocolate, you will not believe the results unless you experience them or are close to someone who experiences the results. The contents of this book are amazing, and the letters from MD's confirming this discovery is too revealing of the dilemna we have allowed to persist - that of "treating" and "milking the problem" without taking the corrective steps to eradicate the problem and educate the public. If you or your loved ones have lupus, you will definitely become informed, and you will definitely not feel alone.
Doctors shoul know about the symptoms described in this book by a patient and not only the symptoms described in medicine books.
With symptoms ranging from skin rashes to kidney dysfunction, lupus is a complicated and frustrating disease, the cause of which is still unknown.
It is not as technical as some books on the topic which makes it much easier to understand. This book gives some specific ideas on things to try, and how to go about implementing those ideas. This was such a relief but also a frightening time as 40 years ago Lupus was still a fairly unknown. Living in constant pain, depression, restricted mobility and humiliation takes its toll in addition to the health and wellness affects. Waverly's book I consider a masterpiece of strong will, determination, focus and an honest open minded approach to a higher quality of life. One million people in the United States suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus), a chronic autoimmune disease that is potentially debilitating and sometimes fatal as the immune system attacks the body's cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. And in that moment, when people receive a medical diagnosis as well a dietary restriction, they not only feel like they’ve lost their health, but their culinary membership. Wallace is one of the world's leading authorities on this disorder, an eminent clinician who has treated over 2000 lupus patients, the largest such practice in America. Rehashes some of the information in the other books but is necessary, just in case the reader hadn't read the other books first. I would also recommend Stolen Moments, as it shows someone living with lupus in a differnt way.
I'd recommend it if you are looking for some direction, or need a place to start looking at alternative therapies for Lupus.
I found it refreshing not to hear yet another voice tell me to expect to just be on and off prednisone until i eventually need a new set of kidneys, and that there was nothing I could do about it. If you've just developed an autoimmune disease, then this is not the first book you want.

Her inspirational vision accepting her condition, evaluation her situation, developing a plan and implementing it with consistent dedication using and allowing only positive influences from medications, wellness and holistic treatments to beliefs and idealisms, reminds us all by the end of the book, there is no doubt we all can learn and benefit from her journey. This book has significantly increased my hope and desire for a better quality of life for my spouse and daughter, I will read it again and certainly recommend it to everyone.
Her blog, Sodium Girl, and her fresh-off-the-press book, Sodium Girl’s Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook, document her favorite salt-free recipes and cooking adventures.
So if you’re using salt-substitutes, be sure to check with your doctor or registered dietitian.
But this book means to flip the conversation and welcome a low-sodium diet back to the table. His The Lupus Book, originally published in 1995, immediately established itself as the most readable and helpful book on the disease.Now Dr. If you have a family member with these problems (as I do) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give this book a chance.
Now, as a "patient-expert," she guides those newly diagnosed step-by-step through their first year with lupus.
Wallace has once again completely revised The Lupus Book, incorporating a wealth of new information.
It isn't widely known how much of an effect the foods you eat can have on lupus and other autoimmune diseases. With sound, up-to-date advice on how to interpret symptoms, find a physician, choose the right treatments and medications, avoid the environmental factors that may trigger a flare-up, and reduce the risk of complications, Living with Lupus is the essential resource for maintaining a healthy and comfortable lifestyle in spite of lupus. After I read it- I had my husband and mother read it -so they could understand my Lupus much better. Nine years later her health is greatly improved, and she has written this book to share the most effective natural healing techniques with other lupus sufferers.Chock full of specific, scientific, well-documented evidence on effective alternative treatments, this book is a godsend for anyone suffering from lupus.
I have made very swift progress with a combination of the conservative use of traditional western medicine, and natural healing methods such as those in this book. The people in this book have found that diet, sleep and exercise can make a profound difference. I recommend this book to anyone going through a major life change--or as a reminder of what's truly important.
Batman's earlier book, "Your Bodies Many Cries For Water", answers the questions we all ask, and for which the answers will not come from the NIH, AMA, and "support" groups for asthma and many if not all others.
Full of practical suggestions, cutting-edge medical information, and moving personal stories, Living with Lupus offers hope and reassurance. Readers will also discover fully updated sections on the science of lupus and breakthroughs in research. And she gave birth to a baby girl, as well as another after this book came out. How Sara overcame intense physical pain and deep vocational disappointment is the subject of this affecting and memorable book.
The target audience is rheumatologists in training and primary care physicians who care for lupus patients and allied health professionals who assist in their management. The genre of self-help books has been mined by countless authors, but Despite Lupus must be unique in its three-part reliance on technological ingenuity, the spiritual wisdom of the Christian bourgeoisie, and the support of others. The book will fulfill a need for a concise, practical guide to Lupus for clinicians that distills the principal features of this complicated, often misunderstood disorder. But there are billions in "treating" asthma, allergies, cancer, lupus, ms, diabetes, and the list goes on. Wallace has distilled his extensive experience, providing the most up-to-date information on causes, prevention, cure, exercise, diet, and many other important topics.
There is also a glossary of terms and an appendix of lupus resource materials compiled by the Lupus Foundation of America.Over a million Americans have lupus.
And she sought the help of those willing and able to help her, everyone from her husband to a support group. One reviewer complained that Sara's triumph over her disease can be attributed to the fact that she quit a job, a luxury that this person could not afford. The Fourth Edition of The Lupus Book offers these patients and their families a wealth of reliable, up-to-date information that will help them manage the disease and live a happier life.
Stepping down from her job did help Sara, and by my lights, her book would have profited from mentioning how single mothers or women who must work full time can cope with the disease.
In fact, as Sara's book shows, managing this fearsome disease can be achieved without sharp or constant pain to the body and with an ennobled rather than shrunken soul.

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