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Author: admin, 15.10.2013
As our intensity of activity increases, we begin to burn a lower percentage of calories from fat.
Studies have proved that a diet rich in low fat dairy may help to burn more fat, than a diet that contains less dairy. They don’t directly remove fat, but they help speed up the fat burning metabolism process dramatically. Okay, it’s true that exercising first thing in the morning after an overnight fast burns more fat during┬áthe exercise session. But, we are burning more total fat calories, because we need more fuel to exercise than we do to sleep.
The focus should not necessarily be on the fat you burn during your exercise session, but the amount burned throughout the day (along with the fat consumed). The rate of fat used is higher during strenuous exercise, because the metabolic rate increases faster than the percentage of fat used decreases. So, if you and a buddy are both on the treadmill running at the same rate and weigh the same, but you had been regularly running for a year and your buddy just started, you would burn more fat due to a faster metabolic rate and use a higher percentage of calories from fat. Remember that starving yourself or skipping meals will slow your metabolism, and will actually slow the fat burning process.

Of the three factors (fitness level, intensity and diet) that affect the three choices of fuel (carbs, protein or fat), intensity level makes the most impact. If you exercise moderately first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, more fat is utilized than later in the day when meals are consumed. Many reasons people put weight on is they seem to take in more calories, than what the body actually burns. Calcium helps increase the breakdown of fat in the fat cells, which boosts the body’s fat burning abilities. Add some of the above foods, along with a healthy balanced diet, exercise, and you will surely see results. If, after 24 hours, you have used all of the fat you have consumed, it will not be stored and you will maintain your weight. An overnight fast leaves you in a state of higher levels of free fatty acids and lower insulin levels. The more fat in your diet, the more you will be able to use it as energy during moderate exercise. Keep in mind the fat you are consuming should be balanced with the fat and calories you are expending.

Keep in mind that the body does need a certain amount of fats, which should be taken in moderation in the form of nuts and olive oil.
One of the best options to burn fat, is by eating foods that have a low content of carbohydrates.
The more fat you eat, the less carbs you will be able to store for energy (and then performance suffers. Attention should be focused on getting in regular workouts to experience the wide range of benefits available from exercising, including burning fat. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables help in the fat burning process, as these are the type of foods that burn fat.

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