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Author: admin, 16.09.2013
This is my first time to the site, so forgive me asking a question unrelated to the recipe. Enter your email address to subscribe to Low Amine Recipes and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Whether you have an amine allergy or intolerance (tyramine, salicylic acid, histamine, or other amines), or are on MAOIs, I hope that these low amine recipes help you eat well and feel good about yourself, your life, and your diet.

I found your site by trying to figure out what vegetarian vermicelli was called in vietnamese . In the print button plugin (At the top of every recipe there is a blue print icon) you CAN choose to remove all of the photos. After many kitchen science experiments, I have come up with low amine recipes that keep me fed and happy while keeping my swollen joints at bay.

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