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Were you to make the waffles at home by yourself, you wouldn’t add artificial colors Yellow #5 and Yellow # 6 to make the waffles look better (these colors are not good for you). If you’re waffle iron only makes the bigger, belgian style, you may want to invest in another waffle iron that makes a size that can fit in your toaster. 3 cups of peanuts (or any nut) into a food processor (OK, so you need a food processor, but with waffles you need a waffle iron!

That factory can be a peanut processing plant, a CAFO (where thousands of cows are grown into steaks), or a waffle plant. While churning peanuts into butter is not something most people can do, nor raise a cow in their backyard, waffles are rather easy to prepare from scratch. And you wouldn’t fortify your waffle with vitamins and minerals in order to make it appear more healthy than it really is.

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