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Author: admin, 08.06.2015
Vi Shake is OU certified kosher, gluten free, low fat, low sodium and lower carb than many other nutritional supplements. I considered it perfect timing when a company called Visalus contacted me about their new protein powder mix called Vi Shake. I used nonfat ricotta cheese and Greek yogurt (you can use lowfat for either or both if you prefer) and mixed it up with the protein powder. The mixture was somewhat sweet on its own, but I found that the addition of a little sweetener made it more dessert-like.

I added vanilla and a touch of instant coffee to give it a tiramisu flavor, then dusted the mixture with cocoa powder and a sprinkle of sliced almonds for crunch. I decided to address the requests I’ve received and come up with a healthy, low fat Cheesecake Tiramisu Protein Pudding.
I do recommend chilling the mixture before eating, but if you are hungry you can also dig in right away… no need to wait!┬áThis makes a really filling and tasty dessert, and can also satisfy an afternoon sweet craving.

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