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Author: admin, 24.02.2014
October 17, 2009 by Kyle 15 Comments When I was going through my low carb phase I searched around for a low carb protein bar recipe with no carbohydrate in it to eat as a snack throughout the day. When I arrived home from my awesome vacation to New Zealand, I was greeted by a yummy box of gluten free goodies from Low Carb Foods. I gave these gluten free homemade protein bars from LC Foods to my husband for a taste test and he really liked them! Low carb diets are the fastest way to lose weight quickly while preserving muscle mass although personally I prefer to avoid thinking in terms of dieting and not dieting.

When cooked the bars should still be slightly sticky inside.  Cut into 6 pieces and store in the fridge. I had heard some wonderful things about them from my pal Sarah at Low Carb Kitty and hadn’t tried their products out for myself yet so I was super excited. And these gluten free homemade protein bars have a whopping 16g of dietary fiber per serving. I am excited about these protein bars and plan to make the chocolate ones next with some sliced almonds on top.

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