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Author: admin, 28.06.2013
I for one am tired of trying to make gluten free foods that look and taste like the junk food that everybody else is eating. I eat plenty of lower fiber vegetables and some fruit along with my grass fed meat and eggs now. Red Apple Lipstick is dedicated to creating safe GLUTEN FREE, CORN FREE, SOY FREE non-toxic makeup.
Three years after diagnosis, when his blood work came back perfect, I decided to allow my oldest to have more packaged gluten free foods. Yes, you are right, it is not easy to get kids to eat their vegetables when there is ample prepackaged sugar laden diet foods lying around the house.
Things made from potato starch, rice flour, refined and organic cane sugars, agave syrup, and most prepackaged gluten free products (noodles, breads, pie crusts, cookies, crackers, and chips) are all considered high in carbs. He has a diet plan that cuts out white carbs and sugars, and each year for Lent we have strictly followed that low carb diet for about 3 years.

And I’m worried about GMO corn and soy in popular brands of gluten free processed foods.
This past winter it has been a real struggle to get our third child to limit his junk food intake, especially when he’s not home. I just can’t afford to buy all that gluten free specialty food for over double the price of what everyone else is paying. I’m starting to rethink that old low carb diet as a lifestyle diet instead of a healing the gut diet. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the gluten free diet doesn’t do the trick in and of itself. Caryn often talks about being a mom, honoring her Catholic faith and traditions, and the importance of eating healthy organic foods. We have used quite a few if its recipes over the years in our gluten and corn free recipes.

I say consumers but what I really mean is health conscious people who are sick of being marketed as gluten free diet consumers. Then after our oldest son recovered we began to let more high sugar gluten free foods creep into our regular gluten free diet. We are people with a medical condition that can easily be cured or controlled by healthy food. I have a boy with the celiac gene (who has tested negative for celiac) on a quasi gluten free diet (we don’t prepare foods with gluten in them in our house, but believe me, he knows how to find it when he travels).
A kid with sprue does not need to be filling up on chemical laden complex carb products fried in oil.

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