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Author: admin, 14.07.2013
It all started one glorious morning when I opened the cupboard and noticed the box of Carb Well cereal. As the golden nuggets poured into my bowl, I could smell sweetness of the Carb Well cereal. After I took that first spoonful of the Carb Well cereal, horrible memories that were repressed began spilling out of my subconscious.
I guess I was so traumatized from the experience that I unconsciously just put the box of Carb Well cereal away and tucked away those memories deep into my mind. After I realized the sugar wouldn’t help, I decided I had to get rid of the Carb Well cereal or else it would haunt me forever.

I tried this stuff, too, and was horrified at how awful and pasty and just aughugahusgauguhugh (*scrapes tongue to remove remnants of cereal*) it was. Well, having eaten Kashi (aka twigs) for the last 2 years (I love cereal, but am watching my calorie intake), Carbwell Cinnamon is a welcome change once every week or so.
We also offer this cereal bundled with one of our low carb milk mixes, for your convenience! As with all LC Foods low carb products, there's no sugar added (of course!) and no preservatives!
In short, for about 3 carbs (plus whatever add-ins you use) a really terrific comfort food awaits you.

When it's nearly ready, add 1-2 Tbsp Gerber Dry Barley cereal for babies - yes, for babies!

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