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Results wise, after a year the low carb folks lost on average 11.7lbs while their low-fat counterparts only lost an average of 4lbs. Looking at calories (because yes, they still count), calories were lowest during the first 3 months for both study arms, but especially so for the low-carb folks where during those first 3 months they reported consuming 190 fewer daily calories than the low fat folks. This entry was posted in FoodThoughts and tagged calories, carbs, fats, guest post, JAMA, protein, Saturated fat, Yoni Freedhoff by Hemi Weingarten.
Consequently the lower the carbs, the higher the protein and likely the lower the total calories consumed due to increased overall satiety.

Secondly, it would seem that for individuals, if you’re not planning on tracking calories, having a daily meal replacement while reducing carbs somewhat may well be a viable way to go for a modest amount of weight loss, and perhaps more importantly, for improvements in many metabolic parameters. I don’t see how anyone can truly follow a low carb diet and lose just 1 pound a month, or follow a low fat diet and lose just 4 pounds over the course of a year.
As far as the low-fat dieters, they were told to keep total daily energy intake to less than 30% of total daily calories from fat, and to ensure that 55% came from carbohydrates. The honeymoon concept is definitely borne out by the data as well, as looking at the initial daily dietary composition data reporting it would seem that during those first 3 months the low-carb folks were consuming 80g of digestible carbs daily representing 28.9% of their calories but by the end of the study these numbers had increased to 112g and 34% respectively.

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