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It’s true, there really are 1,000 recipes in this comprehensive cookbook and Jackie did indeed test every one of them to ensure they would entice your taste buds. Spread the bean mixture over the bottom half of the baguette, then add a little grated low-fat cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese, and distribute a third of a cup of shredded lettuce over the cheese. This recipe should provide enough for four, so you can make it for the whole family’s lunch or have it for several days throughout the week. Tofu is high in protein, so it makes a great meat-substitute for vegetarians and vegans, plus it helps lower cholesterol and reduces free radicals, making it beneficial for meat-eaters to add tofu to their diet.
We would love to hear from you if you have tried out these lunchtime recipe ideas, or if you have any recipes of your own… Please comment below! Our low-calorie comfort food recipes are soothing, comforting recipes you can feel good about adding back into your diet. The strawberries that I eat have 44 calories in a serving, bananas 105 calories each, and 80 calories for NON FAT yogurt. My fellow registered dietitian and award-winning cookbook author Jackie Newgent has just released her latest cookbook 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes.

These recipes aren’t only delicious, but each provides fewer than 500 calories per serving. The calories are still kept in check in this layered Mexican-flavored dish by using tangy fat-free Greek yogurt, lean turkey, and a gener¬ous amount of fresh tomatoes.
Instead, try out some of these simple low calorie lunch recipes, all with under 350 calories, making your lunchtimes healthier and more interesting.
This recipe also contains peanut sauce, which is a good source of protein, plus snow peas and red pepper, which are full of vitamins and minerals, and a whole wheat tortilla for extra fiber. Our creamy casserole recipes, healthy meatloaf recipes, cheesy mac and cheese recipes, hearty meatball recipes, lighter lasagna recipes and more classic comfort food recipes are healthier versions of classic comfort foods.
This makes 5 cups, which I would say is a healthy 2 servings at 20 ounces or 114 calories per huge serving.
Jackie is a natural culinary nutritionist who believes in creating recipes using real food and making nutritious food taste delicious, which she sure knows how to do! The recipe also includes cheese, which is high is calcium, avocados, which provide omega-3 fatty acids, plus cabbage and onions, which are rich vitamins and nutrients.

This recipe makes two servings, or you could cut it into four and serve with a salad for fewer calories and more vegetables. Try our Bacon Mashed Potatoes or No-Bake Macaroni and Cheese for a low-calorie, soul-satisfying comfort food.
Jackie’s recipes will help you meet your fruit and veggie goals, as each recipe is built upon mouthwatering plant-based ingredients. It includes a lot of vegetarian recipes which can be easily incorporated in a person’s weekly food choices. And keep in mind, if there are ingredients in these recipes you don’t like, you can always swap them for a different vegetable, fruit or kind of cheese. Try some of the Women’s Health lo-cal smoothie recipes- they’re yummy, filling, and packed with protien!

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